Does AutoZone Price Match?

If you want to buy something at AutoZone, you may want to know if you can get price matches at AutoZone. This is a good question to ask if there is another retailer nearby that offers lower prices than AutroZone does.

Not every store is going to do price matching, but it is well worth looking into anyway. This is because price matching can be a great way to save some money while shopping where you want at stores that you trust.

Keep reading to find out whether or not AutoZone does price matching and if so, how it goes about doing this.

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Does AutoZone Do Price Matching?

AutoZone is one of many stores to still offer price matching for its customers so that they can get the best deals out there. This is a great option as it allows you to find the lowest prices and still shop where you want to shop.

AutoZone is a store that allows for price matching so that its customers can expect to pay the lowest prices out there. All you have to do is look around to see if any local retailers have the same item at a lower price.

There are a few restrictions to this to consider, such as:

  • The item must be identical
  • It must be from a competitor
  • It must be local

These are things that the item must adhere to in order to qualify for a price match. The item has to be exactly the same, it can’t be a different color or be the same item but from a different brand.

AutoZone also only price matches with its local competition. It will not price match for competition that is out of town or far away from the area, it must be within the same area as the AutoZone location.

This restricts you a bit, but this is a relatively common requirement for stores to have when price matching. That is because prices vary quite a bit by location so some areas may offer much lower prices than others.

Does the AutoZone Website Do Price Matches?

One important detail to know about AutoZone is that it does not price match online in any way. Though the physical AutoZone store’s price match, this does not flow over to the AutoZone online store in any way.

Does AutoZone Price Match

You cannot get price matches on the website if you are ordering something from AutoZone. If you want a price match, you will have to do this in a physical store, not online.

It is also important to remember that you have to bring some kind of proof that there is a lower piece available. Many customers do this by bringing in an ad for that product or by taking a photo that shows the price.

An employee at Autozone will then look into the retailer to verify that the price is lower and the product is the same. Only then will you be approved to get a price match on any of your purchases.

This rule also applies to online competitors that you may see displaying lower prices. AutoZone will not price match for online stores or for its own online store.

Does AutoZone Price Match for Amazon Prices?

If you have been looking around and found a better-priced item that you have been wanting from AutoZone on Amazon, you may want to know if you can get a price match.

This is a common question as many people compare pieces by going onto Amazon. And Amazon is considered to be a competitor of AutoZone as it sells many of the same items.

Amazon is also known for offering some of the most competitive prices out there that are lower than what you would find elsewhere. Unfortunately, AutoZone does not price match with any Amazon products.

This is because Amazon is an online retailer, and AutoZone doesn’t price match for any online competitors. It doesn’t even price match for its own online store as it only price matches in the physical store.

This is an important detail to keep in mind if you want to buy something from AutoZone. Keep in mind that any price matching options must be done in the actual store, you don’t have this option on the website or for price matching in any online stores.

Can I Get a Price Match at AutoZone?

AutoZone does offer price matching, though this comes with some restrictions for customers. AutoZone will only price match, local competitors, within the area, and they must be physical stores.

It will not price match any online stores or websites, they must be physical. You also cannot do price matching on the AutoZone website, this option is only available for the physical AutoZone store.

If you do find something that could be price matched at AutoZone, you will need to bring proof of this. Something like an ad or photo will do, and can help you to get a much lower price at AutoZone.

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