Does Costco Price Match?

If you want to go shopping at Costco, you may be wondering if Costco will price match for you. This is a good question to ask because some stores don’t offer this option, so you want to know before you decide to shop there.

Though price matching is a common benefit that many companies offer, there are just as many that don’t do price matching. This can be a downside if you are trying to hunt down the best possible prices out there when shopping.

Keep reading to find out whether or not Costco does price matching for its customers.

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Does Costco Allow for Price Matching?

Costco has never offered price matching and has stood by this decision as it already offers competitively low prices in the store. This means that customers are already getting some of the lowest prices available when they shop at Costco.

Because of this, Costco has shown no interest in offering price matching for its products. Price matching is when you can ask a store to lower their proof for an item being sold for cheaper elsewhere.

The item must be exactly the same and is usually being sold by a competitor of that store. This allows you to get a deal while being able to shop at the store that you want to shop at.

Costco has always offered excellent prices that can compete with some of the lowest prices out there. This is why price matching has never been an option as the store finds it to be unnecessary.

To lower its prices further would most likely hurt the company as its prices are very affordable throughout the store. Especially when you take into consideration the quantity that Costco offers, which also helps to cut back the price.

Does Costco Offer Price Adjustments?

Though Costco does not price match, it does have price adjustments like many other stores. This allows you to ask for a partial refund if an item you bought is much cheaper after you bought it.

Does Costco Price Match

This is not extremely uncommon as prices fluctuate, and items may be offered at a lower price if they are less in demand or aren’t selling. If you already bought that item at the full price, you probably want some of your money back.

This is an option that is possible as long as you do this within 30 days of having made the purchase. You cannot wait for two months before asking for a price adjustment as this is just too long and won’t qualify.

This also includes items that go on sale shortly after you bought them. If you notice this price change, you can ask for a price adjustment if you bought the exact same product.

This will usually come in the form of a partial refund through the payment method you used or by giving you a Costco gift card. Just make sure you are able to prove that you bought the item.

Otherwise, Costco will not be able to guarantee a price adjustment for you.

Can Online Costco Purchases be Price Adjusted?

If you made an order through the Costco website, you can still qualify for a price adjustment in most cases. This is because Costco’s price adjustment policy goes over the physical store as well as the online store.

To request a price adjustment, you should do a few things:

  • Get your receipt
  • Get your original payment method
  • Go to your local Costco store

You will want to talk to an assistant or manager at Costco about getting a price adjustment on your purchase. Make sure you have your receipt to show that you bought the item as well as just how much you paid for it.

If you want to be very thorough, you could also go and take a photo of the item with the price that it is at now. The employees will do a bit of research on the product and make sure that you bought the item within 30 days.

If nothing comes up that goes against the price adjustment policy, you should be able to get the amount you paid over back. So if you paid $60 for the item, but it is now $20, you can get $40 back.

Does Costco Do Price Match?

If you enjoy shopping at Costco, it is important to know that Costco does not do price matching. This is unfortunate as many customers love to be able to use price matching to get the best possible prices.

It does offer price adjusting, however, as long as you request this within 30 days of making the purchase. If you wait too long, your item may not qualify for a price adjustment.

You can do this if an item went on sale after you bought it or the price dropped due to a lack of demand. If your request is approved, you could get a partial refund back for the amount that you overpaid.

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