Does Costco Sell Bird Seed?

If you have a bird, you might be tired of getting bird seed all of the time. Well, maybe you’re also a Costco member and looking to buy bird supplies in bulk.

Before you head to the store, consider if you can stock up on bird seed. Then, you can make sure your bird has enough to eat.

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Can You Buy Bird Seed at Costco?

Costco does sell birdseed, so you can buy the stuff in bulk. The specific size, mix, and brand might vary from store to store. In some cases, your local Costco might be out of bird seed, so it doesn’t hurt to look online or call first.

birdseed for sale in costco

If you can find birdseed, Costco’s a great place to buy it. The food may be significantly cheaper than buying the same amount from a pet store.

Why Buy Bird Seed From Costco

If you need or want to buy bird seed, you have multiple options. But you might not always want to go to your local pet store, or you may not have time.

Consider the following reasons why you might want to shop at Costco for bird seed.

Bulk Supply

First, Costco carries a lot of items in bulk. If your local store has birdseed, you can get a massive package of the stuff. One person managed to find a 40-pound bag of bird food at their Costco.

Now, not every Costco has birdseed in stock. It also could be a seasonal thing, so you may find it more often during the spring and early summer. But if you can find it, be sure to grab a bag to last for a while.

Cheap Per Pound

No matter what you buy at Costco, you can usually save a bit of money per pound. The person who found a 40-pound bag of bird seed paid $25.99 for it. Meanwhile, Petco charges $27.99 for 33 pounds without any discounts.

If you know you’re going to need a lot of bird seed, Costco makes sense as a first stop. That way, you can get the supplies you want. You can also save money on your purchase, so you can use that money to buy more bird seed.

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Shop for Other Items

Of course, Costco’s a great place to shop for a variety of items. You can also buy your own food, paper goods, and other household items. Then, you can find anything you might need in one stop.

If your local Costco doesn’t have birdseed, you would need to go to a pet store. But you can at least try to get everything from the same store. That can save you time, and you won’t use as much gas driving around town.

How to Know If Costco Has Bird Seed

Before you go to Costco, you should figure out if they’ll have birdseed. The last thing you want to do is to get there and not be able to buy what you came for.

Here are a few things to do to learn if your local Costco has what you want.

Check Online

You can look at the Costco website to search for bird seeds. Search for terms like “bird seed” or “bird food” to see what pops up.

Sometimes, you might get a few results. Then, you can order the food right away, or you’ll know you can find it in the store. In other cases, you might learn that you’ll need to check back later or find a different store to purchase the food.

call nearest costco for birdseed

Call the Store

Another option is to call your local Costco directly. They might have stuff that isn’t on the website, and they could have details on the current stock of bird seed.

If you live in a city, call a few locations near you. The first one might not have bird seed, but another store could have some.

Ask for Help

Once you get to the store, don’t be afraid to ask an employee for help finding the birdseed. You can usually expect to find it near the other pet supplies.

However, it could be somewhere else depending on the store layout. Asking someone will almost guarantee you’ll find it or you’ll learn that they’re out of stock.

Where Else to Buy Bird Seed

If Costco is out of stock, you can check other places to find bird seeds. Of course, you can look at pet stores, such as chains or local stores in your city.

Another option is to look online. You can do this on pet store websites or general websites, such as Amazon.

Does Costco Carry Bird Seed?

It appears that Costco carries bird seed, at least sometimes and at some locations. However, they might not always have it. Be sure you look at the website and call your local store to see if they have what you need before you drive there.

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