Does Costco Take Discover?

If you need to drop by Costco to pick up some things, you may need to know if it can take Discover cards. This is important to verify before going as some places don’t take Discover, and you may need a backup payment option to go with.

Costco is a very popular company and has created quite a name for itself as it is very unique compared to the competition. The downside to Costco is that it does have some payment restrictions that are important to be aware of.

Keep reading to find out whether or not Costco can take Discover cards as a valid form of payment.

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Does Costco Accept Discover Cards?

You cannot use any Discover cards when shopping at Costco, but you can use them on the Costco website or app. This is due to Costco’s contract with Visa, prohibiting it from accepting other kinds of credit cards in its warehouses.

This contract prohibits Costco from accepting credit cards that are backed by the three other main credit card networks. These are Visa’s competition and would be breaching the contract with Costco.

Though most credit cards are still allowed on the Costco website and on the Costco app. For some reason, the rules there are different as shoppers are not paying in the warehouses.

This is a conflict that many businesses may have if they have a contract with a specific brand or system. Some businesses cannot accept certain digital payment methods because they are backed by one specific kind.

This is common in the business world as it is profitable for businesses to make partnerships and contracts. Though this can be a bit counterproductive by limiting its payment options for its customers.

This is something to keep in mind the next time you need to go shopping at Costco. If you want to pay with Discover, you will have to do so on the website or app.

Does Costco Take Debit Cards?

Costco can accept most pin-based debit cards as well as ATM cards. This is something that it can do as long as they are pin-based.

Does Costco Take Discover

This is good news for Costco shoppers, as many businesses actually don’t accept debit cards. Credit cards are the most common option, making debit cards one of the lesser-used types of card.

At Costco, you have the option of being able to use a pin-based debit card or ATM card if that is what you have. This gives you an option that you can choose amongst the other handy options that Costco offers.

This is an option that is also available on the Costco website if you have a debit card that you want to pay with. It is also a valid method for paying for gas at Costco gas stations.

Does Costco Take Cash?

Along with select debit cards, Costco can accept cash as payment when you go shopping there. This isn’t allowed on the website for obvious reasons, and Costco gas stations also don’t accept cash.

Along with cash, Costco warehouses will accept Costco shop cards, Costco gift cards, Visa cards, Costco Anywhere Visa cards, and EBT cards. Costco will also accept personal and business checks from Costco members.

Apple pay, Google pay, and Samsung pay are all digital options that Costco will also accept. These are digital wallets, giving you more payment options when you go to pay for your Costco Items.

You may be able to get away with using your Discover card in the Costco warehouse if it is used through one of these digital options. Your Discover card can be added to Apple, Google, or Samsung pay and paid through one of these options.

This is a way to get around the no Discover cards rule when you are shopping in a Costco warehouse.

You can use all of these options on the Costco website except EBT cards, checks, cash, Mobile payments, and traveler’s checks.

Can I Use Discover at Costco?

Because Costco has a contract with Visa, it cannot accept any of the other three competitor credit card networks. This means that Costco cannot accept Discover, Mastercards, or American Express cards.

Though you can use a Discover card for purchases made on the Costco website, you just can’t use it in the warehouse itself. Unless you are sneaky and pay with Discover by adding it to Google, Samsung, or Apple pay.

This is an easy way to get around restrictions concerning payment methods. This is part of why digital payment methods are so popular and in high demand amongst customers.

You will need to do your research on Costco’s payment methods as it accepts different options for its website, gas stations, and warehouses. This can easily get confusing if you don’t know what payment methods are accepted.

It is also worth noting that Costco members have the ability to pay with personal and business checks. This is just one of the many benefits of having a Costco membership.

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