Does Domino’s Pay for Gas?

If you are thinking of becoming a Domino’s delivery driver, you are probably wondering if Domino’s pays for gas. This is a good question to ask, as gas expenses can add up and end up taking a lot out of your paycheck.

This is an important question to ask if you are considering any delivery job. It is surprisingly common for companies to not reimburse their drivers for their gas expenses during work.

Keep reading to find out whether or not Domino’s will reimburse you for your gas expenses while doing delivery work.

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Will Domino’s Cover Gas Expenses?

Though Domino’s does require all of its drivers to use their own vehicle, it covers 26 to 55 cents per mile for gas. This does not cover the entire amount you will pay for gas, but it is helpful when paying for gas during work.

Many places do not cover any kind of gas expenses for their delivery drivers. DoorDash, for instance, requires drivers to cover their own gas expenses completely.

Though 26 to 55 cents per mile does not seem like much, it can help to at least cover a fraction of your gas expenses. This is definitely more than most places are willing to do for their drivers.

As a delivery driver, you can expect to have expenses such as:

  • Gas expenses
  • Mileage
  • Occasional car repairs and tuneups

Domino’s drivers can use all of the coverage that they can get since they will typically be putting a lot of miles on their cars. This can add up fast, so any reimbursement is going to be helpful.

It is common for drivers to not get any kind of gas expenses paid by their employer. This is one of the biggest downsides to working as a delivery driver. This means that many drivers have to dedicate their tips to pay for gas.

Do Domino’s Drivers Get Paid Mileage?

Domino’s drivers typically get paid a small amount for the mileage that they use as they are making deliveries. The average Domino’s delivery is 5 miles away from the Domino’s location, so this is typically how mileage is averaged.

Does Domino’s Pay for Gas

Domino’s pays drivers $0.56 per mile, this comes to $2.80 for a normal delivery that is 5 miles away. This is not a lot of compensation, but it is still better than most restaurants offer.

Many restaurants do not compensate their drivers for mileage or gas expenses while they are doing deliveries. This is especially common for delivery services that hire a large number of drivers to make those deliveries.

Many of these companies provide no compensation, so you have to cover your mileage out of pocket or with your tips.

This can be frustrating for drivers as they typically do not earn a lot already, let alone when they have to also cover driving expenses. This is a huge downside to working as a delivery driver for most businesses.

Overall, Domino’s is fairer to its drivers, providing at least a small amount of compensation for their driving expenses.

How Much Do Domino’s Drivers Get Paid?

Domino’s drivers get paid the national average in the state that they are working in. This means that many drivers will be paid differently by location as some states have a higher or lower hourly amount.

How Much Do Domino’s Drivers Get Paid

This is generally around $12 to $20, depending on where you are working. The most common national average amongst most states in the U.S. is between $12 and $15.

This is a huge plus side for Domino’s drivers as you will be earning the average hourly wage as a driver. While many delivery drivers tend to be below the national average, depending on the company that they work for.

Or drivers that work for delivery services like DoorDash get paid by the order they deliver and not with an hourly wage. With an hourly wage, you have more income stability that you can rely on.

This makes working as a Domino’s delivery driver a more realistic job that can provide you with a substantial income every month.

Will Domino’s Pay for My Gas?

Domino’s pays drivers 26 to 55 per mile for gas as compensation for their gas expenses making deliveries. This most certainly will not cover your full gas expenses, but it can help at least a little.

Depending on the gas prices where you live, this could be a reasonable amount to help you cover some of your gas. Though it is small, many places do not compensate their drivers for any kinds of driving expenses.

This is one of the biggest downsides to working as a delivery driver, as you often have to pay for your own gas. This can add up, especially if you work as a driver full time and make long delivery rides.

Domino’s also meets the national average hourly wage for the state that it is in. so you can count on being paid a fair and competitive hourly wage for your work.

This is more than many delivery service companies have to offer, making Domino’s the better choice.

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