Does Equinox Have Guest Passes?

If you are interested in working out at Equinox, you may be wondering if this gym has guest passes. This is a commonly asked question, as some gyms offer guest passes for nonmembers.

Many people may not want to make the immediate investment and get a membership to a gym that they have never attended. This is why some gyms offer guest passes or free trials that allow you to get a taste of what you will be allowed to have.

If you are trying to find the right gym for you, this is a great option as it allows you a trial period to see how you like the facilities. Keep reading to find out whether or not Equinox has guest passes that you can use before getting a membership.

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Does Equinox Have Guest Passes Available?

If you were thinking of becoming an Equinox member, there are guest passes available that you can use. These guest passes allow you to attend the equinox gym for free for a total of seven days to get a feel for what the gym is like.

This is a great option for people who are touring gyms and trying to find the best fit for their fitness needs. This is an upscale gym that has quite a hefty monthly fee, making a guest pass a great option for people.

Equinox offers a lot to gym members, allowing you to have a diverse fitness regime. These are considered to be upscale gyms that have a variety of different options depending on the location that you go to.

Guest passes are available to anyone who is thinking of becoming a member of this gym. You do not have to know someone who already has a membership, you can simply ask for a guest pass to see the gym yourself.

This is great for people as it allows you the freedom of getting to see what the gym is like before making that investment. For a full seven days, this is a great deal so that you do not have to get a membership before you have fully committed.

How Can I Get an Equinox Guest Pass?

One of the easiest ways to get a guest pass to Equinox is to have someone that you know with the membership invite you on the app. This invitation will be sent to you, and you can accept it which will give you a digital guest pass to use.

Does an Equinox Guest Pass Have Limitations

Though it is important to keep in mind that doing it this way it’s going to limit you somewhat. This is because Equinox will not usually allow people with guest passes to go to the gym unless they are with the person who gave them the guest pass.

The other option you have is to go to the Equinox website and fill out the form to get a guest pass of your own. This is also very simple and allows you to get a guest pass without having to know anyone that already has a membership.

You will need to pick the closest Equinox club to you as well as the dates that you plan on going with your guest pass. You will also be required to add additional information to confirm your account and your identity.

Later on, if you decide to actually get a membership to this gym, all this information will be saved so that you can easily get a membership without any hassle. When you get a guest pass yourself, you can go and enjoy your guest pass whenever you like.

When using this method, you do not have to go with anyone as you were not invited by somebody with a membership.

Does an Equinox Guest Pass Have Limitations?

Now that you know that Equinox has guest passes that you can take advantage of, you may be wondering if there are limitations to this. This is a good question to ask as many gyms do limit what their guests can do as they are not members.

Does Equinox Have Guest Passes Available

It is very common for gyms to offer guests the basic workout equipment but do not allow them access to anything else in the gym. This can be a huge downside as it doesn’t allow you to get the full experience of what a membership will give you.

The good news about Equinox is that its guest passes are not limited like other gyms are. When you have a guest pass, you are able to access everything that a member in the gym is able to access.

This includes all of the normal facilities, such as:

  • Gym equipment
  • Classes
  • Basketball courts
  • Sun decks
  • Saunas
  • Lap pools

Every Equinox location is going to be slightly different, and it’s going to have different things within its facilities. So you may not have access to everything on this list, but you will be able to access everything within that club.

Even though you were only a guest, you can still access everything that you want to within the gym during those seven days. This allows you to get the full experience of what a member is able to access so you can better make your decision later on.

Can I Share an Equinox Membership?

If you have an Equinox membership, you may be wondering if you can share this membership with other people. This is something that many people ask about as they want to get the most out of their membership.

Does Equinox Have Guest Passes

For many people, it just makes more sense to be able to share the membership so that they are getting more for their money. As well as helping their friends and family to save a bit of money by sharing their membership with them.

Unfortunately, part of the agreement that you will have to sign when you get an equinox membership is that you will not share your membership with anyone else. This is strictly forbidden, and no members are allowed to share their membership.

A membership is only allowed to be used by the person who created the membership. This means that you cannot simply give your friends and family your membership information so that they can go to the gym instead of you.

Does Equinox Have a Free Trial?

Equinox is a very upscale gem that does have a free trial, and away, though it is not called a free trial. The Equinox free trial is basically the guest passes as they give you the same abilities as a free trial period.

When you get a guest pass, you have access to the entire gym and all the facilities within it. This guest pass only lasts seven days, so it is a trial period where you can test at the facility to see if they are what you want.

Because Equinox has guest passes, it does not have an official free trial that you can utilize.

Are There Equinox Guest Passes?

If you want to see what Equinox is like, you have the option of getting guest passes so that you have a trial period to test out this gym. You can enjoy anything at this gym with a guest pass for a total of seven days.

This gives you more than enough time to test out everything that the gym has to offer to see if a membership is worth it to you. There are also no limitations, so you can test out every area of the facilities even if you aren’t a member.

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