Does Home Depot Rent Tow Dollies?

Home Depot has almost anything you could need for home improvement. They even rent certain items if you don’t want to buy what you need.

If you want to use a tow dolly, you should consider if you can rent one from the store. Then, you’ll be able to budget for your next project.

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Can You Rent Tow Dollies From Home Depot?

Home Depot rents out hand truck or appliance dollies but not tow dollies. The daily rental price varies from $14 to $80, and that depends on the specific dolly and if the rental is one-way or two-way. Pricing can also vary based on the specific equipment you rent.

Be sure to call and check with your local Home Depot to make sure what you want is available. If not, you can contact other locations to get the gear you need.

rent a tow dolly at home dpot

What You Can Rent From Home Depot

While you can’t rent tow dollies from Home Depot, you can rent other moving equipment. That way, you won’t have to pay for the dolly outright and then have it sit in storage.

Here are some items you can rent from your local Home Depot.

Hand Truck

A hand truck is an excellent option for moving heavy items by hand. You can load boxes and other items onto the truck. Home Depot has some that have a D handle for you to operate the hand truck with one hand.

Hand trucks also come in handy for stacking appliances on top of each other. You can get a nose extension plate to help handle big loads.

The item can make moving your larger stuff less stressful. Of course, it can be awkward to move things up or down the stairs, but the hand truck is great for transportation on solid ground.

Appliance Dolly

An appliance dolly looks very similar to a hand truck. However, it does require you to use both hands to move your stuff around.

It’s suitable for moving appliances or furniture. Home Depot has some that can hold up to 800 pounds, which can be particularly nice for larger moves.

Their dollies also move up and down the stairs easily. Curbs are even easy to navigate, which is nice if you can’t park super close to your home.

appliance dolly home depot

Jacks and Lifts

Most people won’t need to rent jacks and lifts from Home Depot. However, if you need to move for a business, they can come in handy.

Home Depot has a pallet jack for rent. You can use it to move massive boxes or to load or unload them from a truck.

The ones they have offer a zero-turn radius and can hold up to 6,000 pounds. Meanwhile, the lift holds up to 450 pounds, and it goes up to 12 feet high.


If you need to load a lawnmower or something similar, rent a ramp from Home Depot. The ramps make it easy to get big things on or off a truck.

You can support up to 1,200 pounds on the ramp at a time. Home Depot also has ramps that fold up to take up less space during your move.


The closest option to a tow dolly that Home Depot rents out is a trailer. You can choose from a variety of trailer styles, from lawn and garden to a solid wall trailer.

Now, a trailer and a tow dolly are significantly different. However, you can use them for the same things. Instead of renting a moving truck and using a tow dolly for your car, drive your car.

If it can’t fit what you need, you can use a trailer. Then, you can get everything you own to your new place.

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Where to Rent a Tow Dolly

If you’re set on renting a tow dolly, U-Haul offers some. You can expect to pay $40 to $60 per day for the rental.

The cost depends on if you’ll return the dolly to the same store and what dolly you rent. Keep that in mind before you rent a tow dolly from U-Haul or any other place.

How to Rent Moving Equipment

No matter what you choose to rent, you’ll want to call ahead. That way, you can reserve the moving equipment you need for the day of your move.

If they don’t have what you want, you can contact other stores in your area. You can also ask about alternatives that might meet your needs.

Once moving day arrives, head to Home Depot or wherever you’re renting from. Give them your information to collect the equipment you need.

Will Home Depot Rent Tow Dollies?

Sadly, Home Depot Doesn’t have tow dollies for rent. However, you can rent a tow dolly from U-Haul. If you can use other equipment, Home Depot has appliance dollies, ramps, and trailers, among other supplies to help you move your stuff smoothly.

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