Does Nike Price Match?

If you want to buy a pair of shoes at Nike, you may be wondering if this notable shoe brand will price match for you. This is a common question as people want to know if they can get a lower price at this store when buying shoes.

Though many costumes look for companies that offer price matching, there are still plenty that doesn’t do this. It is up to each individual company to decide if they are willing to offer this option to compete with their prices.

Keep reading to find out whether or not Nike will price match with other stores.

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Will Nike Do Price Matches?

Unlike many other kinds of shoe stores, Nike does not price match with its competition to offer its customers better prices. This is unfortunate for customers, but that is often what happens when you buy from such a notable brand.

Price matching is when a store will match the price of another store selling the same exact item. So if a store was selling shoes for $15, a store that price matches would change their price to reflect that lower price.

This is a benefit to customers as it helps you to get the lowest price at the store that you want to support. This helps to generate sales and encourage customer loyalty as you have no reason to shop elsewhere for lower prices.

You can often get a price match easily by requesting one in person and showing some proof of the lower price. Many people do this by ringing an ad or a photo of the item at a lower price.

Though it is a shame that Nike doesn’t do price adjustments, you are paying for this very reputable brand. Nike is a well-known and sought-after brand, so Nike originals will already hold quite a lot of value when you buy them.

More value than if you were to buy them elsewhere.

Why Doesn’t Nike Do Price Matches?

If you enjoy shopping at Nike, you may be wondering why this store does not do price matching. After all, price matching is a great way to encourage more sales and customer loyalty to that particular brand.

Does Nike Price Match

The reality is that Nike has created its own company and its own products. Because of this, it doesn’t see the need to compete with other stores selling Nike products, after all, it is the original company.

Even if another store is selling the exact same pair of shoes, they won’t hold as much value as they would if you had bought them at Nike. Nike is the creator of those shoes, so it has more flexibility when choosing the prices that it wants to list.

Nike is the original and really has no direct competitors as it literally created its own product. Other stores simply carry it and can price the products lower.

This is the reason why Nike will not price match now and probably never will in the future either. Purchasing Nike products from Nike is different than purchasing them elsewhere, so Nike likes to stand behind its prices and not change them.

Does Nike Price Adjust?

Though Nike doesn’t offer price matching, it does do price adjustments within reason for its products. This allows you to get the lowest price that Nike is offering, even if you already paid the full price for your purchase.

If you bought a pair of Nike shoes, when they were $50, but they went on sale a few days later, you could request a price adjustment. This allows you to get the best price even if you already paid the full price, you would just get a partial refund.

In order to get a Nike price adjustment, you need to:

  • Have your receipt
  • Request a price adjustment within 14 days after the purchase
  • Have paid full price for the item

If you see that the price of a Nike item has gone down shortly after you bought it, you will need to act fast. Nike has a limited time where you can get a price adjustment, so you don’t want to miss that opening.

You also must have your receipt to show that you made that purchase. Otherwise, Nike could assume that you bought these shoes elsewhere.

Can I Get a Price Match at Nike?

If you want to buy a pair of shoes at Nike, it is important to note that Nike doesn’t have any price matching options. It will not match the price of its competitors as it literally created its own line of products.

Despite Nike not price matching, it will price adjust if you bought something and the price went down afterward. Though this must have happened within 14 days of you have made the purchase, otherwise you won’t qualify.

You also have to have your receipt, as this is the only way to prove that you purchased those items.

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