Does Planet Fitness Accept Credit Cards?

If you are thinking of getting a membership at Planet Fitness, you may be wondering if it accepts credit cards. This is a good thing to know since credit cards are the most common payment form for most people.

This is a detail that you will want to know before you make a decision. This is important since this is the payment method that you will use to join Planet Fitness and pay for your monthly membership.

Keep reading to find out whether or not Planet Fitness will accept credit cards.

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Does Planet Fitness Take Credit Cards?

Most Planet Fitness locations will not accept any kind of credit card as they only take checking account payments. This is a policy that nearly all Planet Fitness locations have, though a few might not be as strict about it.

Planet Fitness generally only accepts payments through a checking account. The reasons behind this are due to a checking account being easier to bill and more reliable.

It also says that this eliminates any unnecessary hassle where your card gets declined, stolen, or needs to be replaced. Though many customers do not see the logic behind this and do not like the payment policy.

At most Planet Fitness locations you cannot join without a checking account. This is a big downside for those who do not have a checking account of their own to use.

Though checking accounts are relatively easy to set up, people may not want to go to this effort just for a gym membership. This has resulted in Planet Fitness losing some potential customers due to this policy.

Can You Put a Credit Card on File at Planet Fitness?

You may want to p[ut a credit card on file at Planet Fitness just in case something were to go wrong with your checking account. But unfortunately, this is not an option in most locations.

Does Planet Fitness Accept Credit Cards

Most of the Planet Fitness locations are very strict and will not allow you to use any other form of payment. This even includes adding other forms of payment as a backup plan.

The policy on paying via checking account is very strict and is rarely strayed from. There is the occasional Planet Fitness that may be laxer, but most hold to this policy with no exceptions.

The only exception is that you may be able to pay for a one-time visit to Planet Fitness with a credit card or cash. This is a one-time fee that allows you to workout for one day or take a tour of the facilities.

If you decide to get a membership at Planet Fitness, you will need a checking account to do so. This can be very frustrating for those who do not have a checking account.

This is part of how Planet Fitness ensures that all gym-goers pay for their monthly subscriptions. This allows them to bill you whether you want to pay or not so that you eventually have to pay.

Will Planet Fitness Accept a Credit Card?

Most Planet Fitness locations will not accept a credit card or any other form of payment except a checking account. This is a policy that most, if not all, Planet fitness locations strictly adhere to.

You can generally only join a Planet Fitness gym if you are able to pay through a checking account. Planet Fitness offers no other payment options, including any kind of credit card.

This allows Planet Fitness to have more control over billing, so that it can manage all of its members. This way, it can charge you whether you are making your payments or not.

This ensures that all Planet Fitness members will pay their fees one way or another. It also follows this system because it is simpler to just have one payment option instead of several like many other gyms offer.

This can be a big negative for potential gym customers looking to join Planet Fitness. Not everyone has a checking account, and many will not create one just to get a gym membership.

This can result in Planet Fitness losing out on potential customers who cannot provide a checking account. It is very limiting and is generally frustrating for those looking for an affordable gym to go to.

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