Does Planet Fitness Have a Stair Climber?

Planet Fitness has a variety of machines you can use to keep your workouts interesting. If you want to use a stair climber, you may wonder if that’s available.

Before you sign up for Planet Fitness, consider if your local club has the gear you want to use. Then, you can make sure a membership will be worth it.

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Are There Stair Climbers at Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness has stair climbers, but the availability may vary. If you go when the gym is busy, people may be using all of the stair climbers. The number of stair climbers may also vary, especially if one breaks down and needs replacing.

If you specifically want to use a stair climber, Planet Fitness is great. However, you should plan ahead to give yourself the best chance of finding an available machine.

Why Use the Stair Climber at Planet Fitness

Using the stair climbers at Planet Fitness can be a great way to work out. Whether you just use the stair climbers or other machines as well, consider why you should give them a try.

Does Planet Fitness Have a Stair Climber

Low-Impact Workout

Stair climbers offer a low-impact workout, which allows you to get fit without overdoing it. Most people already walk up and down the stairs each day. That means you already know how to do the motions involved in a stair climber workout.

It won’t put too much pressure on your knees or back, so you won’t be as sore. But you can still use it to get active and enjoy yourself.

Cardio and Strength

A stair climber can make for a great cardio workout by getting your heartbeat up. As you take each step, you’ll have to engage your legs, which can help make them stronger. That helps you work on your muscles as well.

If you don’t have time to do both cardio and strength exercises, a stair climber is great. You can get the best of both worlds while saving time.

Stronger Core

Using a stair climber helps you focus on your form as you take each step. If you engage your core muscles, this can help make those muscles stronger.

Beginners and advanced users can take advantage of this benefit. Then, you may find your core gets stronger without having to target the area.

How to Find an Available Stair Climber

If you want to enjoy the benefits of the stair climbers, you need to find an available one. Here are a few tips to consider when looking for an open machine.

Go During Off-Peak Times

The easiest way to find an available stair climber is probably to go when the club is less busy. It can get busy after work and on the weekends. So consider going before work or on a weekday if you have that day off.

Then, more machines will be available, including stair climbers. While this won’t guarantee one is free, you’ll have a better chance of getting to use one.

Be Patient

If you have to go at a specific time, prepare to wait for quite a while. Planet Fitness doesn’t place any time limits on the machines. That means people could use the machine for as long as they want.

You could end up waiting around for the better part of an hour, which may or may not be worth it. If you don’t want to wait, you may need to choose another workout.

Get a PF Black Card

Another option is to upgrade to the PF Black Card membership. This gives you access to any club throughout the world, and that includes more clubs in your area.

If your home club is always full, you can look at other locations near you. Another club across town may have more stair climbers available, so you can start going there. Then, you won’t have to wait around or adjust your schedule to go when it’s not super busy.

Does Planet Fitness Provide Stair Climbers?

Planet Fitness provides stair climbers at each club. However, some clubs may be busier than others, so you could have to wait for a machine to open up. Fortunately, you can look at other locations or go during less-busy times. Then, you can enjoy the benefits of stair climbers, from the low impact to better strength.

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