Does Progressive Take American Express?

If you have Progressive as your auto insurance, you may be wondering if it accepts American Express cards. This is an important thing to find out as you will need to have your payment method arranged ahead of time.

You do not want to get an auto insurance company and have your bill due only to find that it doesn’t accept your preferred payment method. This is something that you will want to find out beforehand.

Keep reading to find out if Progressive will take American Express as a form of payment.

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Will Progressive Accept American Express?

Progressive is one of the only major car insurance companies that does not accept American Express cards as a valid form of payment. Though you can get around this restriction by paying with your American Express card connected through Payal.

Does Progressive Take American Express

Paypal accepts American Express, and you can easily connect this card to your Paypal account. Then you can pay Progressive through Paypal, but it is actually coming from your American Express card.

This is a sneaky way of being able to pay with your American Express card even though Progressive doesn’t take American Express.

There is really no knowing why exactly Progressive doesn’t accept American Express. Especially since most other car insurance companies gladly take this card option.

But you can still pay with your American Express card as long as you have a Paypal account to add it to. This may also work for other kinds of companies that take Paypal but not American Express cards.

Though keep in mind that Progressive accepts other forms of payment that still might be a good fit for you if you don’t have Payal.

What Forms of Payment Does Progressive Accept?

Progressive accepts several different kinds of payment options despite not taking American Express. This is good news, as you will most likely be able to find several options that apply to you.

Progressive will accept all credit cards as well as personal and business checks. It will take Paypal, a money order, and an electronic funds transfer from your checking account.

This gives you plenty of options when it comes to paying Progressive. Many of these options are widely accessible to people and can be easily arranged to pay your Progressive bill easily and on time.

Though keep in mind that you can still pay with your American Express card through Paypal if that is really what you want to do. This is an easy way to get around Progressive’s rule and use your American Express card.

Can I Make Automatic Progressive Payments?

You can easily make automatic Progressive payments right over the phone with no extra hassle. This is a great way to get your payment out of the way then and there.

Many people choose this option as it is fast and doesn’t require much work from them. It only takes a few minutes, then your bill is paid, and you no longer have to worry about it.

You can do this by calling the toll-free automated phone payment system. Then you will need to share a few details about your account and make your payment for the most recent up and coming bill.

This automatic system accepts credit and debit cards as well as checking account payments. Just make sure you have either the card you are using or your checking account information with you when you call.

This is a quick way to get your bill paid without having any delays or worrying if it is going to get paid on time. This payment system is also available to you 24/7, so you can call at any time to make a payment.

Can I Use American Express for Progressive?

You sadly cannot use American Express to pay your Progressive bill as it does not accept American Express. There is a way around this, however, as Progressive does accept Paypal.

You can easily connect your American Express card to your Paypal account and pay through Paypal with it. This allows you to follow Progressive’s rules, while still being able to pay with an American Express card.

This is a method that you can use in other companies that don’t accept American Express as well. It is an easy way of using the payment method you like without breaking any rules.

You can also pay automatically on the phone with the Progressives phone payment system. This allows you to pay with either a credit or debit card or through your checking account.

This is a fast way of making any necessary payments, and it allows you to pay right at that moment. This is ideal if you are running late to make a payment or worry about meeting the deadline.

Progressive also accepts several other payment options, such as credit cards and Paypal. As well as a money order, personal and business checks, an electronic funds transfer directly from your checking account.

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