Does Taco Bell Cater?

If you’re a fan of Taco Bell, you may want to have it at a party or another event. But instead of taking everyone’s orders, catering would be much more convenient.

Before you do this, you should consider if catering is even an option. Then, you can enjoy Taco Bell with all of your friends and family.

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Does Taco Bell Offer Catering?

Taco Bell doesn’t offer catering per se, but they do have group meals. These meals are good for small groups, and you could offer multiple of them for a larger event. You may want to place the order ahead of time to give the restaurant time to make the food.

Giving the restaurant some warning can also be a nice courtesy. The restaurant can make sure to have enough staff to prepare your order.

Taco Bell Group Meals

Taco Bell Group Meals are great for feeding small or medium-sized groups. They might not have enough food for a large group, though.

Does Taco Bell Cater

You can choose from a few options, and you could order more than one Group Meal at a time if you have to feed more people. Either way, consider what types of items you can get when you order a Group Meal.

Cravings Pack

The Cravings Pack comes with four crunchy tacos and four 5-layer beef burritos. You can customize the tacos to add sauces, meat, or other ingredients. If you want to serve vegetarians, you can remove the meat.

Another option is to swap out the crunchy tacos for soft tacos or another kind of taco. You can also customize the burritos to add or remove items. Unfortunately, the customizations you make will apply to all burritos or tacos, so you can’t adjust one or two.

But you can get a side of meat or salsa, for example. Then, you can add those items to the tacos or burritos that you want.

Party Packs

Taco Bell offers a few different party packs, including:

  • Taco Party Pack
  • Soft Taco Party Pack
  • Variety Taco Party Pack

You can also get any of those packs as a supreme pack. All of the versions come with a total of 12 tacos, and the versions depend on the option you select. You can customize the tacos, but you can only customize them in groups of six.

Like the Cravings Pack, you can swap out tacos for another type of taco as well. However, if you only want to customize one or two, you’ll need to buy sides separately. Or you can pick off the extras from the other tacos.

Drinks Party Pack

Of course, you may want something to drink with your Taco Bell. The Drinks Party Pack comes with four drinks, and you can choose each drink individually.

You can choose from any of their fountain drinks, such as Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Sierra Mist, and Dr. Pepper. For better or worse, the only drink size you can select with this pack is medium, but that should work for most people.

How to Order Taco Bell Group Meals

If you want to order a Taco Bell Group Meal, you can place it like you would any other order. You can go online or order at the restaurant.

Since the order is larger, ordering online allows you to order the food ahead of time. You can then go to Taco Bell when the food is ready and pick it up. If you order it there, go inside so that you don’t block the drive-thru, and you may have to go inside anyway.

Can Taco Bell Feed a Large Group?

Taco Bell can feed a large group if you buy enough Group Meals. You may need to give the store some warning so that they can have enough staff and food on hand.

Or you can go with less food and get some other snacks. That way, you don’t need to order as much Taco Bell, but you can serve more guests.

Is Catering Available at Taco Bell?

Catering is not available at Taco Bell. However, the restaurant does offer Group Meals, which allow you to order a group of tacos or burritos. That way, you can serve yourself and your family or friends. You can order as many Group Meals as you need to have enough food.

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