Does Taco Bell Have Diet Baja Blast?

Even if you don’t go to Taco Bell, you probably know about the Baja Blast. If you prefer diet drinks, it makes sense to wonder if you can get a Diet Baja Blast.

Before you make your next trip to Taco Bell, consider if they have the drink you want. Then, you can know if you need to choose something else.

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Is There Diet Baja Blast at Taco Bell?

Taco Bell doesn’t offer Diet Baja Blast as a drink. However, there is a sugar-free version available at the restaurant. If you specifically prefer diet drinks, your best option is Diet Pepsi. That way, you can stick to whatever nutrition facts you want to.

Baja Blast Drink Options

Does Taco Bell Have Diet Baja Blast

While Taco Bell doesn’t offer Diet Baja Blast, you do have a few options if you want to get it the closest possible thing. Then, you can stay relatively healthy as far as fast food drinks go.

Here are a few possibilities to think about when placing your next Taco Bell order.

No Sugar

The closest thing to a Diet Baja Blast is a Baja Blast Zero Sugar. It only contains 15 calories, so it’s a lot better for you than the standard Baja Blast, which has 420 calories.

Taco Bell claims this version has the same flavor as the standard Baja Blast. It’s a good option if you like the taste of Baja Blast but don’t want to consume as many calories.

Small Size

Of course, you can choose from small, medium, and large for the drink sizes. This includes the Baja Blast and Baja Blast Zero Sugar.

Getting a small Baja Blast Zero Sugar reduces the calories to 5. The medium size only has 10 calories, so this is a good way to satisfy your craving without going too crazy.

And if you don’t like the sugar-free version, consider the regular Baja Blast. A small only contains 220 calories, while a medium has 280 calories.

Diet Pepsi

If you really want a drink without any calories, Diet Pepsi is your best option. Taco Bell also has Pepsi Zero Sugar, which is also calorie-free.

Of course, neither of these are Baja Blast, so you have to decide if you want to sacrifice getting the drink you want. For most people, 5 calories shouldn’t make a huge difference. However, you can always get a bit of Baja Blast Zero Sugar to reduce your calorie consumption.

If you eat at Taco Bell, don’t fill up your cup. Just get enough for your craving, and you can drink water if you’re still thirsty. When getting Taco Bell to go, you can fill up the cup, but only drink half of it and save the rest for later.

Can You Get Diet Baja Blast at Taco Bell?

You can’t get Diet Baja Blast at Taco Bell. The closest option is Baja Blast Zero Sugar since it’s low on calories. If you want to get a diet drink, DIet Pepsi is your best choice if you want to eat at Taco Bell.

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