Does Taco Bell Pay Weekly?

If you are looking into working at Taco Bell, you may be wondering if it pays on a weekly basis. This is a good question since it can have a big impact on whether or not you decide to work here.

Though many people don’t care about when they get paid, this can impact where you end up working. You want to make sure you work somewhere where the payment schedule works for you and your financial needs throughout the month.

Keep reading to find out whether or not Taco Bell pays its employees weekly.

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Does Taco Bell Pay Employees Weekly?

Taco Bell does not pay on a weekly basis, it pays every two weeks. This means that you can expect to get two paychecks a month for months that have four weeks. This is relatively common, though most fast food places do pay weekly on average.

Getting your Taco Bell paycheck every two weeks is not too bad, even though getting it weekly is more common. That is just not the way that Taco Bell works, so employees have to wait for an extra week to get paid.

This still allows you to get your paycheck fairly regularly so that you have more financial freedom. Many restaurants work like this and only handle payments every other week.

Though this isn’t a big deal for most, it is something worth considering. If you really want to get your paycheck every week, you may have to look for work elsewhere.

Taco Bell has always paid every two weeks and seems to have a pretty reliable system going.

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How Much Does Taco Bell Pay?

How much you get paid at Taco Bell is potentially the biggest factor in whether or not you will decide to work here. This is a very important detail and one that you should carefully consider before making any decisions.

Does Taco Bell Pay Weekly

The pay at Taco Bell is hard to tack down as it ranges differently according to your position in the company and where you are working. The average hourly wage will be heavily affected by the stature that you live in.

The estimated hourly wage for Taco Bell employees is between $13 and $15 for crew members. Though this could change depending on where you live and the minimum wage there.

Other jobs at Taco Bell with more responsibility and experience can pay as much as $30 an hour. This is the average for someone in a higher position within the company.

As far as fast-food restaurants go, Taco Bell pays very reasonably and allows you to pull in a minimum sewage in most places. This is something that you may need to ask about when applying for a position.

Every location is going to be slightly different, so it is a good idea to clarify how much you will get paid hourly. Especially if there is room for growing your hourly wage into something more substantial.

When working at Taco Bell, you can expect these kinds of wages:

  • Crew Members: $13 to $15 an hour
  • Supervisors and Associates: $19 to $30 an hour

Does Taco Bell Hold Your First Paycheck?

You may also be wondering if Taco Bell will hold back your first paycheck after hiring you. This is a relatively common thing for companies to do when you are brought in as a new hire.

The reviews on this are mixed as some employees say that they do while others say that they don’t. Because of this, it seems as though every Taco Bell location may be different, so some may hold your check while others don’t.

You can always ask about this during the hiring process, or they may let you know immediately. This is a good detail to know about so that you are prepared.

Your first check also may be held depending on when you start work. If you start when everyone is paid, you may have to wait longer to get your paycheck, depending on the pay schedule.

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Does Taco Bell Pay Employees During Training?

When you are hired by Taco Bell, you can expect to do some on-the-job training to get familiar with what is expected from you. This should be expected, and training can last anywhere from a week to two weeks, depending on the location.

You will also be paid for your training if Taco Bell cannot legally allow you to work without pay. This pay is typically $8 an hour as you are just in the training stages and not working on your own.

Once you are done with training and start your shift, you will be paid your normal hourly wage, which should be well over $8. Though this is still pretty generous for training time on the job.

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Does Taco Bell Pay On a Weekly Basis?

Taco Bell does not pay on a weekly basis, unfortunately, it pays every other week. So you can expect to normally receive two Taco Bell paychecks a month.

This is slightly unusual; for a fast food place, as many pay on a weekly schedule. Though Taco Bell has not seemed to have had any issues paying every two weeks.

Despite having to wait a bit longer, Taco Bell employees do not seem upset about this. The pay at Taco Bell is fair and is more reasonable than some fast food places that are similar to Taco Bell.

If you do not mind getting paid every other week, Taco Bell might be a great fit for you.

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