Does Texas Roadhouse Have Military Discount?

Are you a part of the military and wonder if Texas Roadhouse will offer you a discount on your meal. This is a good question as many restaurants do try to offer military discounts to those actively in the military.

This isn’t something that all restaurants do, but many do have some kind of military discount. That is why it is a good idea to find out, so you know where to go to get a discount on your meal.

Keep reading to find out whether or not Texas Roadhouse gives out military discounts and when it does.

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Does Texas Roadhouse Offer a Military Discount?

Texas Roadhouse is one of the many restaurants to offer military members a military discount on their food. This is something that many restaurants try to do at least on special days of the year if they are able to.

Texas Roadhouse gives back to the military in many ways by generously donating. It keeps much of this private from its customers, however.

One way that Texas Roadhouse really gives back to military members is with its daily military discount. This is almost unheard of as many restaurants do not offer a daily discount for military members.

Military members can get 10% off of their final Texas Roadhouse bill any day that Texas Roadhouse is open. This is quite the discount that makes Texas Roadhouse a great place for military personnel to eat at.

To get this discount off of your meal, you will need to have some form of proof that you are in the military. You can do this by bringing your military ID and showing it to the cashier.

After you do this, the 10% discount will be added to your final bill, giving you a discount off of the meal that you order. Unfortunately, this daily discount is only available to those actively in the military, it doesn’t apply to veterans.

Does Texas Roadhouse Have a Veterans Day Discount?

Like many restaurants, Texas Roadhouse has a Veterans Day special where military members and veterans can get a free meal. This can change every year, but typically, veterans and military members can get free food of some kind.

Does Texas Roadhouse Have Military Discount

This usually includes a meal voucher that can be redeemed at any Texas Roadhouse restaurant by veterans and the military. This typically includes:

  • One entree
  • Two sides
  • One non-alcoholic beverage

The voucher will typically list the menu options that veterans and military members can choose from.

This is a very special deal as not every restaurant gives away free food on Veterans Day. Many simply offer a free side or a discount on the order for veterans.

Texas Roadhouse has stated that it typically gives away over 240,000 free meals to those in the military and those who are veterans.

Does Texas Roadhouse Have Many Regular Discounts?

Along with the daily military discount, Texas Roadhouse also offers several other kinds of discounts. This includes specials and coupons that you can use when going out to eat at Texas Roadhouse.

It is easy to snag a deal at Texas roadhouse as it regularly puts out discounts and coupons for all customers. Texas Roadhouse also has seasonal specials and exclusive deals for VIP club members.

You can get access to discount codes, special deals, and coupons by staying up to date with the latest Texas Roadhouse information. You can also snag cheaper deals by eating seasonal specials that roll out every few months on the menu.

If you are uncertain about whether or not your Texas Roadhouse has a certain special or a discount, you can always call. This is an easy way to get up to date on what is available to you.

Can Customers at Texas Roadhouse Get a Military Discount?

Those who are in the military can look forward to getting a special military discount when they go to Texas Roadhouse. This is a discount that is available everyday that Texas Roadhouse is open as long as you have your military ID.

This is a 10% off discount that gives you a discount from your entire order. It is only available to those who are actively in the military, not veterans.

Texas Roadhouse also has a special Veterans Day discount where veterans and military members can get meal vouchers. These vouchers allow them to get a free entree, two sides, and a drink.

This is a great deal for veterans and the military and allows them to enjoy a free meal on Veterans Day at all Texas Roadhouse locations.

Along with these specials, Texas Roadhouse also offers a variety of other deals and specials that other customers can use. These typically come in the form of seasonal specials, discount codes, and coupons.

Many are only avaliable for a limited time, so make sure you are staying up to date on what’s out there. VIP club members also get access to exclusive deals.

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