DoorDash Delivered to Wrong House

DoorDash Delivered to Wrong House

Once in a while, a DoorDash delivery will get delivered to the wrong house or address. This, of course, can be very upsetting to the customer who is hungry and still waiting for their food, and will likely cause problems for the delivery driver, as well.

When this happens what is the process to fix the situation and what are the consequences?

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What Happens When a DoorDash Order is Delivered to the Wrong House?

If a DoorDash delivery is made to the wrong house, the customer will not receive the food they ordered, and should mark the order as “Order Never Arrived.” The customer can resolve the situation with DoorDash Support, and the cause will be investigated with possible consequences for the driver.

What Are The Consequences for the Driver?

If the driver marked the delivery as complete, but the actual customer did not receive it – in this case because it was delivered to a different home – the driver can receive a “Never Delivered” contract violation.

DoorDash states that one contract violation is not sufficient to deactivate a driver, however, multiple violations especially of the same type, may prompt deactivation. If that happens, the DoorDash driver may appeal the deactivation by following DoorDash’s appeal process.

For this reason, it is very important to that DoorDash drivers make every effort to ensure that they are, in fact, delivering to the correct address. It’s also important to catch any mistakes as soon as possible, so that the DoorDash driver has the highest likelihood of being able to fix any errors before it becomes a large problem.

How Can an Incorrectly Delivered DoorDash Order be Fixed?

There are a few steps that can be taken by both the customer and the DoorDash driver to ensure that the order is delivered to the correct address. First, when the DoorDash driver marks an order as delivered, they can also communicate with the customer via text, call, or in-app, to confirm that the intended customer received their order.

This way, the DoorDash driver can be sure that he or she delivered to the correct address before driving away, or before the food gets opened by a confused person who was not the correct customer.

If this step was not taken, however, and the customer is waiting for food that was never delivered to them, then the customer could reach out to DoorDash support to resolve the issue with them via this link, or by following the instructions on this page. DoorDash can help them either redo the order or DoorDash could issue a refund.

How Quickly Can the Situation Be Resolved?

If the DoorDash driver checks with the customer to confirm whether or not the order was received by them, an incorrectly delivered order could be remedied within a matter of minutes.

In this situation, if the DoorDash driver receives a reply from the intended customer that they did not actually receive the order, the driver could quickly retrieve the food before it gets picked up by a confused non-customer, and deliver it to the correct address instead. It would just be a matter of the drive time to the correct location, plus the minute or two to confirm receipt.

If it gets to the point where the delivery was left at the wrong house and the customer never received their order, then a refund would be a quick partial resolution. Unfortunately, the customer would have to make other plans for their meal.

On the other hand, if the customer still wants their order, DoorDash can help them replace the order. This should take less than an hour.

How to Prevent a DoorDash Delivery to the Wrong House

On the customer end, it’s important to make sure that the address is inputted correctly. If the customer notices that the address was inputted incorrectly before the order is delivered, the customer can change the address by following the instructions on DoorDash’s website, here.

For the DoorDash driver’s part, he or she can prevent a delivery to the incorrect address by following a few important steps.

First, the DoorDash driver should double check the address listed in the app for that order. When you get to the delivery address, double check it again on the app and on the property.

After you mark the order as complete, and before leaving the property completely, send a message to the customer via text or the app, or call, to confirm that the customer received the order.

What Happens When a DoorDash Delivery is made to the Wrong Address?

When a DoorDash order is delivered to the wrong address, the customer will not receive the food they ordered, and will likely mark the order as “Order Never Arrived.” The customer can resolve this through DoorDash Support, who will research the cause, with possible consequences for the driver.


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