Doordash Not Accepting New Dashers

If you want to become a dasher on Doordash, you may be wondering why it is not accepting new dashers. This is not an uncommon issue for people looking to work for Doordash.

Like any company, Doordash does get to a point when it no longer needs new delivery drivers. There are several reasons why this might happen in your area. To find out why Doordash isn’t accepting new drivers, keep reading.

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Why is Doordash Not Accepting New Dashers?

Doordash will not accept any more dashers in your area when it has enough to do the job already. It will often stop accepting new dashers if it already struggles to provide enough work for its current drivers.

This is unfortunate but not an uncommon issue. Like any company, Doordash can get to where it has enough dashers taking on deliveries and doesn’t need anymore.

This can be more common in certain areas depending on where you live. If you live in a large city, this may not happen at all, but if you live in a small town, it may be very common.

Doordash is a popular food delivery service and is very popular for drivers looking for more work. Because of this, it sometimes has to close its doors to new dashers looking to get hired.

There is a waitlist that you can add your name to if Doordash is not accepting any new dashers in your area. This will put you on its radar if it needs new dashers in the future, but this doesn’t always pay off.

If you live in a small area with limited Doordash orders, you may need to consider looking into other food delivery services. You never know just how long the wait might be or how many other people are ahead of you to become dashers.

Can Doordash Fire Dashers?

Dopordash can technically fire dashers though it doesn’t necessarily call it that. Doordash reserves the right to deactivate your account if they believe you have done something wrong.

This is most commonly done if your dasher rating does not stay where they are supposed to, or Doordash suspects something fishy going on. If it believes you have done something wrong it can also deactivate your account without warning.

The same rule applies if you have gone against any of Doordash’s rules or were not honest when getting the position. This may include your age or any illegal activities you have been charged with.

Doordash can deactivate your account without warning, blocking you from ever accepting orders through it again. You can always try to reverse this decision if you believe you were fired wrongfully, but it doesn’t always work.

Generally, once you have been blocked and your account deactivated, that is it, and you cannot dash ever again.

Can Dashers Quit?

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Dashers can stop working for Doordash whenever they like, you do not even necessarily have to quit. Many dashers may simply stop dashing and keep their profile and dasher accounts active.

If you do want to officially stop being a dasher, you can have your account deactivated. If you do this, you can always create another dasher account later on if you change your mind.

To deactivate your dasher account, you will have to call the support team and fill out a form. You will have to add all of your information so that Doordash knows that it is you closing the account and not someone else.

Doordash will not fire you if you simply become less active on Doordash, dashers have the right to work as little as they like. That is why many drivers just stop accepting orders but maintain their dasher account for the future.

Why Would Doordash Not Accept New Drivers?

Doordash will stop accepting new dashers once it has enough working for it. There is no specific number of Dashers it needs, it simply estimates according to how many orders it gets in that area.

This is why the number of dashers needed will vary depending on the location, as every area needs a different amount of dashers. Large cities will need more while smaller towns will require less.

Doordash will estimate this need depending on the orders coming in and the orders accepted by dashers. It will be able to know whether or not it needs more dashers or fewer by doing this.

If Doordash is no longer accepting new dashers in your area, you could always try to dash in another area close by. This doesn’t always work, but it is worth a try if you really want to work for Doordash.

Many dashers have the most success doing this if they live near a larger city or town with a greater demand for dashers. It will depend completely on where you are located and how far you can drive to pick up and deliver orders.

You can also sign up for Doordash’s waitlist, but this is not always something that pays off. Many names end up staying on the waitlist for a very long time before ever moving up to becoming a dasher.

There are always other food delivery services to look into if you really want to become a delivery driver. Even separate restaurants sometimes hire drivers to deliver takeout orders to customers.

There are plenty of other delivery driver options out there if that is the job that you really want to have.

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