Doordash Unavailable Too Far Away

If you are trying to order from Doordash but received an unavailable error, it may be because the distance for your order is too far. This is not an uncommon issue for customers ordering through Doordash.

If this is your first time receiving this error, there are a few reasons why this might be happening. To figure out why this is happening and how you can fix this issue, keep reading for more information.

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What Does Doordash Unavailable Mean?

Doordash will give you an unavailable error if the restaurant that you ordered from does not deliver that far. This is usually due to the food not being as good once it has traveled.

Restaurants will often set a radius that allows their food to be delivered in top condition.

If this happens, either the restaurant has a shorter radius, or it has recently changed the radius to be shorter. This allows the food to get to the customer in the best condition.

This is a very common complaint amongst Doordash customers as many restaurants set a certain radius limit. The thing about this is that it is often done for a good reason.

Doordash allows each restaurant to set a radius if they want to, which includes the farthest distance that they will deliver to. This is important in ensuring that your food gets to you in good condition.

If a restaurant delivers too far, the food will arrive cold and much less appealing. This hurts the restaurant as it can result in poor reviews of their food or complaints to Doordash.

This is the top reason why you may get an unavailable notification from Doordash when trying to place an order. Oftentimes, this is for the best if you want to get your order delivered still in top condition.

Doordash Out of Range

If you are getting a Doordash out of range error, this most likely means that your address is not within range of the restaurant. This usually means that you are not within that restaurant’s radius.

Every restaurant on Doordash gets to set its own radius to deliver to, so your address might be outside of that range.

This could also mean that the Doordash app is currently experiencing a glitch. This can happen sometimes, resulting in orders being marked as out of range when they really aren’t.

You can try to fix this by refreshing the app or deleting it and reinstalling it. Sometimes this works to counteract the glitch and get it to work again.

If you can’t get past the glitch, you will need to contact Doordash customer support directly. They should be able to locate the problem and fix it for you quickly so that you can place your order.

Unfortunately, if your address is actually out of the radius limit for that restaurant, you will not be able to order from them. All of the restaurants on Doordash can set their own distance limit, so some have a wider range while others have a much shorter one.

Is There a Distance Limit for Doordash?

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Doordash has a default distance limit of five miles from the restaurant to your address. This is a pretty short radius, but thankfully, the restaurants can choose their own limits.

Some restaurants will deliver ten to fifteen miles away depending on the restaurant and the kind of food they offer. While some will only deliver three to five miles away from their location.

Each restaurant is different and has a radius according to what they offer on their menu. This is important since some foods do not travel well and need to reach their destination quickly.

This can be frustrating, but it is very necessary in order to guarantee that your order will arrive at you in good condition.

The default distance limit for Doordash is five miles, but generally, each restaurant chooses to set its own limit. You should be able to see this radius by looking at the restaurants on the Doordash map.

Doordash Unavailable Too Far away Meaning?

If you are getting an error saying that Doordash is unavailable or too far away, that usually means that you are outside the radius limit. Each restaurant can set its own delivery radius, and you will get this error if your address is outside of it.

Though Doordash has a default radius of five miles, each restaurant has the option to set its own limit. This can come in handy for the customer as some restaurants deliver much farther than others.

These radius limits are put into place to guarantee that the order gets to the customer in good condition. Some foods do not travel well, which is why, this is important for many restaurants.

In order to guarantee that you are getting the best of what you paid for, certain orders should be traveling for too long. Think of tacos or ice cream, for instance, these things shouldn’t travel long, or they won’t arrive in good condition.

There is the rare instance where this error can be the result of a glitch in the Doordash app. If this is the case, most restaurants will give you this error even if you are within their delivery radius.

To fix this issue, you can try to refresh the app or delete it and reinstall it to try to order again. If that doesn’t work, you should call the Doordash customer support team for help. They should be able to locate the issue and help you place your order successfully.

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