GameStop Warranty Policy

If you are looking to buy something a bit pricey from GameStop, you may be wondering what its warranty policy is like. Just how effective it is and if it can help you to save money if your item becomes damaged.

These are all important questions to ask, so that you know exactly what you are getting into and are prepared. It can also help you to get the most out of your money and what you purchase through GameStop.

To find out what kind of warranty policy GameStop has, keep reading for more information.

GameStop has a warranty policy that covers two specific warranty plans. One plan is a one-year warranty, while the other is a two-year warranty. These plans can be bought to help cover your product so that you could get a replacement.

These are popular options, especially considering GameStop sells some very high-priced items in its stores. This could include electronics, gaming equipment, and games or movies.

All of these items can cost quite a bit upfront, and there is always the possibility of them becoming damaged or defective over time. With GameStop’s warranty plans, you can better protect your items so that you have access to a replacement.


The one-year warranty typically costs $49.99 and covers your product for 12 months. The two-year plan is $59.99 and also covers any replacements that may be necessary from damage or wear and tear.

Some of GameStop’s items may also have their own warranty that you do not have to pay for. But this will typically only cover defective items or ones that were not made properly and broken as a result of that.

If you are purchasing something on the expensive side from GameStop, it may be a good idea to get a warranty plan. These warranty policies can help to save you money later on down the road if your product becomes damaged.

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Receipt for GameStop Warranty

Because your warranty plan is something that you purchase, you should receive a receipt as confirmation. It is important that you hold onto this receipt a proof that you bought the extra coverage for your item.

If your item becomes broken, damaged, or defective, you will want to bring your warranty receipt with you. You should have this as well as the receipt or order code for the item that you are returning.

GameStop does not fix damaged goods, so you can expect to receive a full replacement for your item. As long as you have both receipts, you can get your replacement that very day.

This makes the process very simple and quick, allowing you to get back to using the item that you bought. Just make sure you hold onto that warranty receipt since that is your proof of having purchased it.

If you cannot prove that you have a warranty, you will not be able to use it to replace your damaged or broken item.

How Many Times Can I Use It

Each GameStop warranty only covers one product replacement every 12 months. So the one-year plan will only give you the ability to get one replacement.

If you pay the extra money to get the two-year warranty policy, you can replace your product once every 12 months over the course of those two years. This gives you a bit more leniency if your item is easily damaged or broken.

This is a common complaint amongst GameStop buyers as they are not happy to pay so much for a warranty that only offers one to two replacements. But this is a non-negotiable rule as GameStop will not give you more replacements that your warranty allows.

As long as you are generally careful with your items, they should easily last 12 months without breaking. Much less, become damaged more than once per 12 months.

If you bought a particularly costly product, you may want to consider extending its warranty when it is over, just to be on the safe side. As pricey as the warranty plans may be, it would be more expensive to replace many products.

Two Plans

GameStop has two warranty pricy plans that customers can purchase for their product. This includes a one-year plan and two-year plan to cover their item.

These warranties allow you to get one full product replacement every 12 months, so a one-year warranty allows you to get one replacement. And a two-year warranty gives you two replacements if necessary.

GameStop Warranty Policy

This can help to protect your items from becoming damaged beyond repair as you can receive a replacement. GameStop does not do repairs, so it will simply give you a new version of the item that is no longer working.

As long as that product is currently in the store, you can receive it the same day that you walk in. This allows you to quickly get a replacement and get back to enjoying your GameStop purchase.

Make sure you hang onto your product receipt or order code a proof of your purchase. As well as keeping the receipt for your warranty plan, you will need both to get a product replacement.

As long as you have both receipts or order codes, you should have no issue getting a product replacement. This is why it is such a good idea to get a warranty plan for more valuable goods from GameStop.

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