How Long Does Flight Club Take to Ship?

If you want to place an order through Flight club, you may be wondering how long its shipping takes. This is a reasonable thing to wonder about since shipping times can vary quite a lot between different online stores.

This can be especially important if you want to get your order by a specific time or date. If that is the case, it is important to know just how long it takes a store to ship out its orders.

Keep reading to find out how long it takes Flight Club to ship your order to you.

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How Long Does it Take Flight Club to Ship?

Flight Club offers two kinds of shipping that can get to you at different speeds. Lowest price orders can take 7 to 9 days to reach you, while fastest shipping orders can take 2 to 5 days to get to their destination.

Lowest price orders must go through a verification process, which is part of why they take so long. You can expect a wait of 7 to 9 days, depending on the verification stage.

Fastest to you, shipping orders are shipped out on the same day that you ordered them. As long as you place the order before 2 p.m. ET and it isn’t a holiday or the weekend.

Though these orders are shipped out on the same day, it can still take 2 to 5 days to get to you, depending on where you live. This can be affected by holidays and the weekend as well.

As far as shipping goes, these are very reasonable times and still allow you to get your items within a good timeframe. Flight Club is also upfront about its shipping times, helping you to know what to expect.

Does Flight Club Have Tracking?

Flight Club offers shipment tracking to help its customers know exactly where their package is. This is a great detail to have since many customers will want to watch their package make its way to them.

How Long Does Flight Club Take to Ship

This is an option that you can access by logging into your Flight Club account and going to your orders. This will be a page with a list of all of your orders, click on the one that you want to track to see where it is.

You should be given a tracking option that will show you up-to-date information on where your package is at that time. Keep in mind that some information may be slightly delayed and show up a day or two later.

What Shipping Does Flight Club Use?

Flight Club typically uses FedEx to ship all of its orders out. This is a popular shipping option that will get your package to you quickly and in the best possible condition.

If the order is being shipped to a PO box, Flight Club will use USPS to ship the package. This is typically the only time it will stray from using FedEx to ship its orders out.

How Long is Flight Club Shipping?

Flight Club shipping typically ranges from 2 to 9 days, depending on the shipping option that you choose. Lowest price orders can take 7 to 9 days to get to you due to a verification period that they must go through.

Fastest to you, orders will be shipped out the same day you place the order and can reach you in 2 to 5 days. Though you must place the order before 2 p.m. ET to get same-day shipping.

Keep in mind that these shipping times can be drastically affected by holidays and the weekend. These shipping times only apply to business days, they do not include Saturday or Sunday.

If you place an order close to the weekend, it will typically take longer to get to you. The same goes for orders placed near a holiday, as shipping times are affected by most major holidays.

The good thing is that Flight Club offers shipment tracking so you can keep an eye on your order. This makes it easy to track your order and see when it will get to you.

You can access tracking through your Flight Club account, where your order history is stored.

Just remember that tracking times can sometimes lag and not be up to date. This could result in the tracking results being a day or two behind.

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