How Long Does It Take To Become a U-Haul Dealer?

U-Haul provides its customers with various rental vehicles, equipment, and leasing agreements. The company also offers small businesses the opportunity to become independent dealerships.

Although the application process is straightforward, it can be hard to determine the exact details. Here are the basics of becoming an approved U-Haul dealer and how long the process might take.

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How Long Does It Take To Be Approved as a U-Haul Dealer?

Unfortunately, it isn’t specified how long it takes to be approved to become a U-Haul dealer. However, the application process seems to be very simple and straightforward. All you have to do is visit their site, fill out their forms, and schedule a phone conversation with a team member.

How Does the Application Process Work?

You can start the U-Haul dealer application process by visiting their official site. From there, you’ll need to enter some of your personal information to schedule a conversation. It isn’t specified whether this is a phone, zoom, or in-person conversation. Here’s the info you’ll be required to give:

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Business Name
  • Business Address
  • City
  • State
  • Postal Code

Keep in mind that your business may need to be inspected and evaluated after the application process. You may be required to show other documents and forms during the application process.

Who Should Become a U-Haul Dealer?

How Long Is the U-Haul Dealer Application Process

It’s hard to say whether or not your business is right for U-Haul dealerships. Typically, U-Haul partners with small business owners who have a brick-and-mortar storefront. Although the process can vary from company to business, we’ll provide you with the basics to get started.

Evaluate Your Company

You’ll first need to evaluate your existing storefront and company. As mentioned earlier, U-Haul likes to partner with existing businesses. The company prefers to sign dealers with highway frontage and parking lots capable of housing at least three rental vehicles.

You’ll need to determine your sales floor and warehouse space as well. You may need to store a variety of packing materials, boxes, blankets, and other moving products to receive the most profit.

If you have employees, you’ll need to verify that they can lift at least 50 pounds and have the ability to hook up trailers and wire trailer lighting. However, U-Haul provided training brochures and how-to packets for these tasks.

Begin the Application Process

After you evaluate your existing business and resources, you’ll need to fill out the application inquiry. Keep in mind that there are no upfront U-Haul franchise costs or fees to partner as a dealership. However, you will need a dedicated phone line and internet access.

After that, you will be required to meet with a U-Haul dealer representative. You may speak with the agent on the phone and then select an in-person meeting. The representative will come to your business and determine whether or not your location fits the U-Haul standards.

If your business meets the requirements, you may need to fill out more forms and wait for them to be approved by mail.

Install Your Equipment

After you’re approved, you’ll need to have your dedicated phone line and internet installed. You may also order promotional supplies from your dealer representative. U-Haul will then place your business in its Yellow Pages section.

You may be required to go through basic training during this period. Your representative will go over the contract website, explain any forms, and walk you through the trailer hitch process.

Make Your First Order

Now, you will be eligible to place your first order for shipping materials, boxes, and other moving supplies. The dealer representative may also supply you with your first rental vehicles, dollies, and other towing devices.

Start Branding

Now that you have your U-Haul supplies, you’ll be required to brand your store. You’ll need to mount the key drop box at the front of your store so customers can drop off their vehicles. Your representative may require you to hang banners or other promotional materials.

You can also consider where to put your U-Haul rental vehicles at this time. The U-Haul rental trucks and towing devices act as branding of their own, so it may be best to place them in a visible location.

Growing Your Dealership

Finally, you can start growing your small business and U-Haul dealership. You can build relationships with other dealers so you can work in tandem by trading equipment and sharing vehicles. You can also consider adding branded storage buildings to your dealership. However, you may need a loan to complete this step.

Other elements that can improve your profits are being open during the weekend. Your business will receive higher commission rates if you have a seven-day schedule. You should always have at least two employees working, as they may need to inspect vehicles or help mount trailers.

How Long Does It Take To Become a U-Haul Dealer

Benefits of Being a U-Haul Dealership

There are multiple benefits that come with being a U-Haul dealer. Let’s break down a few notable advantages to partnering with U-Haul.

  • No Franchise Fee, meaning zero starts up costs
  • No Liability Risk
  • No Long Term Contracts
  • No Large Parking Area Needed
  • Average 21% Commission Rate
  • Weekly Commissions Paid Via Direct Deposit
  • Discounted Merchant Fees
  • Discounted Boxes and Moving Supplies

Keep in mind these benefits may vary depending on your business. You can find out more about the advantages of becoming a U-Haul dealer by flipping through their online brochure.

How Long Is the U-Haul Dealer Application Process?

It’s not precisely specified how long it takes to become an approved U-Haul dealer. However, the forms are easy to fill out and take no time at all. To begin the application inquiry, visit their official site and start filling out the forms.

Keep in mind that you may need to speak with a dealer representative and have your business inspected in person. From there, you can work with your representative to go through the application, training, and branding process. As always, your mileage will vary depending on a wide variety of factors.

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