How Long Does UberEats Take?

How Long Does UberEats Take?

You are probably a new customer of UberEats if you have to ask how long they take. You are going to be surprised at these answers or maybe not. It all depends on what you have heard about UberEats and their delivery times. 

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How Long Before UberEats Delivers My Food?

It could take a while for UberEats to deliver your food to you. UberEats is so slow when it comes to delivering food. They will take their slow time and be forever trying to deliver your food to you hours later.

Where Is My UberEats?

There is really no telling where UberEats is. UberEats could be on their way to the restaurant to pick up your food. Once they accept your order, they have to travel to the restaurant to pick up the order. 

If they aren’t near the restaurant already, it could take them some time to make it to the restaurant. Then they have to pick up the food and start traveling to their destination. Believe it or not, a lot of different things can take place during that time. 

For one thing, the UberEats driver could get stuck in traffic. If you live in a big city, you know that being stuck in traffic can be hectic and take a really long time. Which means that the driver can’t get to their destination right away. 

This could mean that the food will arrive cold and disgusting. Unless, the driver makes it to the destination in a shorter amount of time. 

Another reason your UberEats driver may not have arrived just yet is because he is having car trouble. He could have had a flat tire or engine trouble and once he gets everything fixed he will deliver your food. Or he may not be able to fix his car and has to call someone else to pick up the order. 

Now, he’ll have to wait until another driver comes and retrieves the food before your food can be delivered. 

Why Haven’t I Got My Food Yet?

If you haven’t got your food yet, it is probably because of the restaurant or the delivery driver. Your UberEats driver may be at the restaurant waiting on your food to be prepared. Some restaurants have a lot of orders and they take their time getting to each order. 

Or it could be that they are backed up. On the other hand, the UberEats driver may be taking his slow time arriving. He could have stopped somewhere else that he was not supposed to stop at. 

Another reason you probably haven’t gotten your food is because no one ever went and picked it up from the restaurant. Yes, there are instances where people have ordered and paid for food with UberEats and no delivery driver was ever sent to pick up the order. Unfortunately, if this is the case, your food is not going to be coming at all. 

You may not have gotten your food because the driver ate it up. Yes, this has happened plenty of times to plenty of people. Their food never arrives because the delivery driver got hungry and ate it and then he just went and collected other orders. 

Your food could be on it’s way but the UberEats driver has more than one order to deliver. For some reason, they are allowed to accept more than one order and this could be why your food is taking so long to reach you. 

Where Is My Food?

Your food could be still at the restaurant or in the car with the UberEats driver. It just all depends on what is going on. The driver may have your order but forgot about it and they are now delivering other orders. 

Or the driver may not have any plans to brign your food at all. 

What to Do If I Don’t Get My Order?

If you don’t get your order you need to do something about it. Reach out to the delivery driver if he contacted you earlier about your order saying that he had accepted the order. Politely ask him to update you on the order and let you know if your food is still on the way. 

The delivery driver may or may not respond so then you need to contact UberEats support. They probably aren’t going to be very helpful but it is worth trying. You can ask for a refund or at least a store credit. Chances are, they aren’t going to want to give you anything for your troubles. 

How Long Does UberEats Take to Deliver?

How long UberEats takes to deliver depends on a lot of different things. Majority of the time, UberEats takes a really long time to deliver the customers food to them. UberEats can take a really long time to deliver orders.

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