How to Cancel U Haul Reservation?

So you have made a reservation for a U Haul but there has been a change of plans and now you need to cancel your reservation but don’t know how. Let’s go through the necessary steps to cancel a U Haul reservation.

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How Do I Cancel U Haul Reservation?

One really easy way to cancel your U Haul reservation is to go online and sign into your U Haul account. You can do this the same way you did when you made the reservation. Or you can just call 1-800-UHaul and have a representative help you cancel.

How long does it take a reservation to cancel?

A U Haul reservation is considered effective as soon as you hit the submit button. By cancelling a reservation, you are agreeing that you want the reservation to be cancelled immediately. This avoids your card being charged while waiting for the cancellaton to go through.

How to Cancel U Haul Reservation

U Haul prefers that you cancel the reservation 24 hours in advance. This gives them time to get more reservations booked on the truck that you previously reserved. It is a good common courtesy to cancel as early in advance as possible.

I’ve never heard of a reservation taking a while to cancel but be prepared that it could be a glitch in the system. This glitch could cause your reservation to not cancel right away or at all. If you notice that you haven’t gotten an email or some kind of notice in your email to let you know your order has been cancelled, you may want to go back in and double check the reservation.

Cancel the reservation for a second time if you need to. If it looks like it hasn’t been cancelled then I would just cancel it again to be on the safe side. In all reality, it can only be cancelled one time.

What If I Change My Mind About Cancelling?

If you change your mind about cancelling the reservation simply log out of your account and do nothing. Or let the representative on the line know that you have decided not to cancel before they send the cancellation through.

Will My Card Be Charged If I Cancel A Reservation

Hopefully you have thought the situation over before actually deciding to cancel. You don’t want to make premature decisions because it could cause some hiccups in your moving plan. If you are supposed to move one day but learn that you can’t move until the day after, this may be a reason to more so modify your reservation rather than cancel it.

So think about if you need to cancel a reservation or simply modify it. Modifying a reservation may make more sense for your situation than completely cancelling it or vice versa. Do your research and choose wisely before you make a decision you may regret.

If you decide you want to change your mind about cancelling please do so before the representative on the phone starts going through the motion of cancelling you. This will save you and them some serious time and effort. Don’t waste the representative’s time by being wishy washy with your decisions.

Can I Reactivate a Reservation After Cancelling?

Once a cancellation of a reservation has been submitted, there is actually no way of reversing this. All cancellations are final and can’t be reversed. However, if the truck that you had reserved is still available on the same day and time that you need it for, you are free and able to go back and book the truck or trailer again.

All I would say is be sure this time that you are booking for the right day and time. Constantly booking and cancelling could cause some reservations to get stuck in limbo and no one will be able to book or reserve that particular truck, trailer or equipment.

If there is a way to reactivate a reservation after cancelling I know nothing about it and it must be a new feature. Naturally, there is no reversing a cancelled reservation so you should be careful when making changes such as a cancellation to your reservation.

If you cancel and want to reverse this cancellation, you may be able to call U Haul and ask them about the reservation. The representative probably could get the reservation cancellation reversed on their end.

Will My Card Be Charged If I Cancel A Reservation?

In some instances, when you cancel something, you will be charged a cancellation fee. This is definitely not the case with U Haul. When you cancel a reservation with U Haul your card will never be charged at all. No cancellation fee or penalties, ever.

So when even booking a U Haul truck or trailer or even equipment, rest assured that if something comes up and you have to cancel, you will never be charged a cancellation fee or be penalized for cancelling. Cancellign a U Haul reservation is so easy and simple.

Can I Cancel a Reservation Online?

Yes, you can cancel a reservation online. This is actually one of the easiest ways to cancel a reservation. If you are like me and prefer to do everything online rather than make phone calls, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of your ability to cancel a reservation online.

It is likely that you created an account when you first created the reservation. Hopefully ou remember the login to this account. You’re going to need to login to access your reservation.

Go to the U Haul website, login and find the right reservation. Search for a cancel button or a link that says something about canceling or modifying a reservation. This should take you to a screen that gives you the option to cancel your reservation.

You’ll want to go ahead and submit the cancellation. You should get a success message if the cancellation went through. Now, your reservation is cancelled and if you can now make a new one with a different date and time if need be.

You’ll see that cancelling a reservation online is so simple and easy. This is how you do it everytime you need to cancel a reservation with U Haul.

Can Someone Else Cancel a Reservation That’s In My Name?

Yes, if you give someone else like a friend or relative your login information, they can go online and cancel a reservation for you. I can’t say for sure if they call in, whether they will be allowed to cancel your reservation or not but they may. It probably really depends on who answers the phone whether they will allow someone else to cancel your account.

If you are giving someone else permission to cancel a reservation then you may need to be the first one to call in. On the other hand, if you call in then you should go ahead and cancel the reservation on your own.

How Am I Able to Cancel A U Haul Reservation?

You can cancel a U Haul reservation in one of two ways. The first way is by going online and log into your account. From here you should be able to cancel your reservation. Another way is to call U Haul and ask a representative to help you cancel.

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