How to Disable Odometer on U-Haul?

If you want to rent a u-haul but also want to save some money, disabling the odometer is the best way to do that. The odometer is what is tracking your miles, and U-Haul usually charges you by the mile. So disabling this feature could save you money.

If you want to save some money when renting a u-haul, you can disable the odometer by following these steps. To find out just how to do this effectively, keep reading.

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How Do I Disable the Odometer on a U-Haul?

The best way to disable the odometer without damaging it is to install an odometer blocker. To do this, you need to unscrew the odometer and take out the instrument plug from the cluster. Once this is done, connect the odometer blocker with the plug.

Return the plug back to where it was originally and use the buttons on your steering wheel to activate the blocker. Hold down the +BC wheel button to launch the tool.

You will know you have successfully blocked the odometer when the left turn signal starts to flash. This could take a couple of minutes to happen, so don’t worry if it doesn’t happen immediately.

Once this is done, the odometer will be blocked and will not track your mileage as you drive. Once you are done using the u-haul, you can reverse this by holding down the MODE+BC buttons.

Once the right turn signal starts to flash, you will know that you disabled the blocker from the odometer.

How to Disable Odometer with the Odometer Fuse?

If you do not want to use the blocker to disable the u-hauls odometer, you can use a different method to disable it. This includes finding the odometer fuse in the fuse compartment.

Make sure you identify the correct fuse, then carefully undo it with a fuse removal tool. Once you do this, you should see that the odometer immediately stops reading.

Make sure you didn’t disrupt any other fuses before you begin driving. Other important fuses are in the same compartment, and they need to be left perfectly intact in order to drive safely.

Where is The Odometer in a U-Haul?

How to Disable Odometer on U-Haul

The odometer on a u-haul should be very easy to locate. This is usually above the steering wheel column under the speedometer.

It is placed here so that it can be easily found and tracked as you drive your rental. Make sure you make note of what it says before you start driving if you do not plan on disabling it.

You will want to make sure you track your mileage accurately to avoid being overcharged by mistake by U-Haul. Both the odometer and the amount of gas that you end up using will help you to track your mileage.

This information will then be required once you return your rented u-haul.

How Can I Disable U-Haul Odometer?

You can disable the u-haul odometer by installing a blocker that will stop the tracking process. This can be done by installing the blocker and connecting it with the odometer.

Then you will need to +BC wheel button until you see the left turn signal flashing. This means that the odometer has been disabled and will not track your miles as you drive.

The second option that you have is to disable the odometer with the odometer fuse. This is a little more technical and requires you to have an understanding of what you are doing.

To disable the odometer with the fuse, you need to locate the odometer fuse in the fuse compartment. Once you have found it, undo the fuse with a fuse removal tool.

After you have done this, the odometer should immediately disable itself and stop reading your miles. Make sure you do not disturb any other fuses or undo the wrong one.

Many important fuses are in the fuse compartment, and you do not want to mess with them or undo them in any way.

Using either one of these methods will help to stop the odometer from tracking your process as you drive. Because U-Haul charges you for mileage, this can help to save you a significant amount of money.

Just make sure you set everything back up after you are done with your rental, as it will be obvious that you tampered with the odometer.

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