Ordering Cigarettes on DoorDash

Imagine you just ran errands, but you get home and realize you’re out of cigarettes. Instead of going back out, you should consider ordering them with DoorDash.

Then, you can get what you need, but you can enjoy more time at home. Consider if ordering cigarettes is possible and the steps you need to take.

How Do You Order Cigarettes on DoorDash?

You need to create an account and click Special Order Types. Select the brand of cigarettes you want, and upload an ID proving your age. Pay in the app as normal, and make sure you’re home when the order arrives since dashers can’t leave cigarettes without verifying your identity.

Keep in mind that you can’t order cigarettes for delivery to a school, prison, or another restricted location. You might also need to wait for a dasher over the age of 21 to be available to get your order.

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Steps to Order Cigarettes Using DoorDash

When ordering cigarettes on DoorDash, you need to follow a few special steps. Some of the ordering process is the same as for any items you order.

How to Order Cigarettes on DoorDash

However, you should consider the process before you order cigarettes. That way, you’ll know what you need to make the ordering process go smoothly.

1. Create an Account or Log In

Of course, you’ll need to create a new DoorDash account if you don’t have one. If you have ordered before, you can log into your account. You can do this using the app or by going to the Door Dash website.

When creating your account or updating it, make sure to include a phone number. This is how your dasher will communicate with you (DoorDash will mask your number).

If you have an account, make sure you list a phone number. You may need to update it if you recently got a new phone or if you don’t currently have access to the number in question.

2. Find Special Order Types

When placing an order through DoorDash, look for Special Order Types. You’ll be able to place your request for cigarettes in the extra instructions section.

Be sure to include the brand you want and how many packs you need. You can also give a backup brand in case the store is out of the brand you prefer.

3. Provide Proof of Age

The first time you order cigarettes through DoorDash, you’ll need to prove that you’re 21 or older. You can do this by uploading a qualifying photo ID, such as your driver’s license or passport.

DoorDash will use its technology to recognize that you’re old enough to place the order. If you’re under 21, you’ll need to wait until you turn 21 before you can order cigarettes.

5. Avoid Restricted Locations

When selecting the delivery address, you need to make sure you can accept cigarettes. You may not be able to get cigarettes delivered to a school, college, hospital, or another restricted location.

In most cases, you should be able to place the order for delivery to your home. This applies whether you live in a house or apartment. However, since colleges are restricted, you can’t order cigarettes if you live on-campus. You’ll need to use a friend’s address instead.

6. Pay and Submit

The next step in ordering cigarettes is pretty standard, and you can use the same payment methods you’d use for any DoorDash order. You can use a credit or debit card or connect your PayPal account.

Another option is to use a DoorDash gift card. Either way, you’ll want to review your entire order and submit it, and then you can wait for a dasher to arrive.

7. Be Available for the Delivery

Even if you follow all of the other steps, you need to make sure you’re available when the dasher arrives with your cigarettes.

Unlike food or other items, dashers can’t leave cigarettes by your doorstep. They have to wait for you to answer the door. That way, they can verify you’re the person in the ID photo and that you aren’t drunk or otherwise impaired.

Why Order Cigarettes on DoorDash

Knowing how to order cigarettes is great, but you may wonder why you should use DoorDash to get your cigarettes. Here are some reasons why the service is useful.

Avoid Driving Yourself

For whatever reason, you may not want to get out of the house. Maybe you had a long day of work and just want to relax.

Or perhaps your car is having work done, and you’re at home without a ride anywhere. You might also not be able to drive, and you can’t buy cigarettes within walking distance. DoorDash can come in handy because you can get what you need without having to drive somewhere.

Save Time

Even if you can drive, you may have a busy day of work ahead. To keep from having to take a long break to buy cigarettes, you can order them through DoorDash.

The ordering process only takes a few minutes, especially after your first one. You’ll just need another few minutes to accept the cigarettes when the dasher gets to you.

Of course, you can wait until your lunch break or until after work. However, if you smoke, you know that it can be addicting, so you may not be able to wait that long.

Combine With Other Items

Another great reason to order cigarettes on DoorDash is if you have to order other things as well. A dasher can pick up cigarettes along with other items at a pharmacy or grocery store.

You may even be able to order cigarettes along with food from a restaurant. The dasher can bring everything at once, so you don’t have to shop around town for what you need.


To order cigarettes on DoorDash, you need to be at least 21. You’ll need to upload a picture of your photo ID proving your age, and you have to be present for the delivery. Other than that, you can buy a pack of cigarettes like any normal DoorDash order.

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