How to Sign Up for DoorDash?

How to Sign Up for DoorDash?

If you’ve decided you would like to start making extra money doing DoorDash deliveries, you are probably wondering where to start. The first thing to do, of course, is to sign up!

But how exactly do you sign up for DoorDash, and where do you go? We’ll explain just how to do that in this article.

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How Do I Sign Up for DoorDash?

Signing up for DoorDash is relatively easy. Just start here, with this link, or follow the referral link provided by a friend or family member and then fill out all of the requested information, including consenting to a motor vehicle check and background check.

What Questions Do I Answer to Sign Up for DoorDash?

To successfully sign up as a DoorDash driver, DoorDash will first need to collect some information about you. This is for identification and payment purposes, as well as for safety.

DoorDash will ask for your name, email address, and phone number. (Make sure to remember which phone number you register with DoorDash, because anyone you refer to become a driver with DoorDash will need to correctly enter that phone number in the referral field of their sign up page in order for you to receive your referral bonus.)

Next, you’ll create a profile for DoorDash with your name and password.

After that, you will select your vehicle type. If it is a car, you will add the car details as well.

Then, you will consent to a background check, and if using a car or motorcycle, a vehicle check, as well. There will also be some disclosures to acknowledge here, too.

DoorDash will then collect your bank account information. This is so that DoorDash can pay you for your deliveries via direct deposit.

That’s all for the DoorDash application. There are just a few more steps, described in the next section, to fully complete the DoorDash sign up process.

What Other Steps Are Involved In The DoorDash Sign Up Process?

Once you have answered all of DoorDash’s questions under the sign up link, the next step will be to download the DoorDash app, if you haven’t already.

After you have both completed the sign-up questions and downloaded the app, then you are actually able to do your first DoorDash delivery.

Although it may seem out of order, after you complete your first DoorDash delivery, DoorDash will ask you to enter and then confirm your mailing address so that they can mail you your Welcome Kit.

The Welcome Kit contains a DoorDash insulated delivery bag as well as your red card.

The final step in the DoorDash sign up process will be to activate the red card once you receive it in your Welcome Kit.

What Requirements are Needed to Sign Up for DoorDash?

To qualify for signing up for DoorDash, you do need to fulfill a few requirements.

According to DoorDash’s website, the main requirements to be a DoorDash driver are to be at least 18 years old and to have a smartphone, either iPhone or Android.

You also usually need to have a car, although, DoorDash does state that, in some markets, you might not. Depending on your area, a DoorDash driver might be able to sign up with a motorcycle, scooter, bike, or even by walking.

If you do plan to do your DoorDash deliveries by car or motorcycle, however, you will also need a valid driver’s license and a good driving record. Additionally, even though DoorDash has insurance for accidents that happen during deliveries, they do require you to have your own auto insurance, as well.

If you meet all of those requirements, the final requirement is to successfully complete DoorDash’s sign up process, described above.

How to Sign Up for DoorDash as a Referral

When signing up to be a DoorDash driver as a referral, it is very important to fulfill a few extra requirements. If you don’t fulfill these requirements, unfortunately, the person who referred you will not be able to qualify for the referral bonus.

Fortunately, the sign-up portion of the referral bonus requirement is very simple. Make sure that you either use the exact referral link that the referrer sent to you, or that you enter their DoorDash-registered phone number in the referral field of the sign-up page.

If you are using the phone number to link the referral, double-check with the person referring you that you have the correct phone number that they have registered with DoorDash. If not, DoorDash claims that they cannot verify the person who referred you.

If that were to happen, the person who referred you will be very disappointed by not receiving their much anticipated referral bonus.

After you have confirmed that you have followed the referrer’s referral link and/or entered their DoorDash-registered phone number correctly in the referral field of the sign up application, the rest of the application and sign-up process are the same as described above.

You will be asked for your identifying information, including your bank account information for payment. You will also still need to consent to a background check, acknowledge all disclosures, and complete the vehicle information section.

Finally, you will still need to complete your first dash, receive your Welcome Kit, and activate your red card.

Additional Steps if Signing Up For DoorDash as a Referral

If you are signing up to be a DoorDash driver as a referral, it’s important to keep track of when you signed up, and what the referral bonus requirements are.

Of course, you want your friend or family member to receive the referral bonus they were expecting. In order to do this, after you have completed your sign up, you will also want to make sure that you successfully complete the required number of deliveries within the specified time period (usually within your first 30 days from signing up).

It might be helpful to set some reminders in the calendar app of your smartphone, or anywhere else that you will see them or be notified. You and the person who referred you can also check your progress toward the referral bonus in the DoorDash app.

How Long Does It Take to Sign Up for DoorDash?

DoorDash states that the signup process itself can be completed in just a few minutes. Here, they are mostly only referring to the time it takes to complete the application questions.

Of course, this is not always exactly how long the application portion of the sign up process takes. Sometimes, there are delays with the background check or some other portion of the application.

DoorDash states that it can sometimes be a few days until the DoorDash driver is able to accept DoorDash orders.

Additionally, after the application questions are answered, it can also take several days for the Welcome Kit and Red card to arrive. Once the Red Card arrives, the DoorDash driver also must take a few minutes to activate it.

How Can I Sign Up for DoorDash?

To sign up to be a DoorDash driver, simply start here, by clicking on this link, or a follow the referral link provided by a friend or family member. After that, just fill out all of the requested information, including providing consent for a background and vehicle check.

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