Is ChicMe Legit?

If you are looking for affordable clothing online, you may be wondering if ChicMe is a legitimate website to order from. This is something that is commonly asked, as people are always on the hunt for cheap clothing.

This is also a common concern that many online shoppers have when it comes to buying from websites that they do not recognize. There are many fake websites that are just out there trying to scam people.

Because of this, you have to be careful where you order from and ensure that this is an actual website. This can help you to avoid a lot of frustration later on if you were to place your trust in an untrustworthy website.

It is also good to look into websites to make sure that they are going to offer the quality that you are looking for when making a purchase. Keep reading to find out whether or not ChicMe is a legitimate website and if it has good reviews from its previous customers.

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Is ChicMe a Legitimate Website?

ChicMe is a website that is legitimate despite having many issues with its customers. This is a website that offers affordable clothing that are often significantly marked down.

Despite the fact that this is a legitimate website, there have been many complaints from customers regarding how it runs. Because of this, many unhappy customers have labeled it as a scam.

There is no actual proof that ChicMe is a scam website, as there are plenty of customers who have been satisfied with their orders. Because this is the case, this is a legit website, but it does have quite a lot of mixed reviews.

It is not marketing itself as being a China-based website, but the phone number for customer service is a Chinese number. Many people have also stated that they were directed to Chinese websites when trying to resolve issues with their orders.

This is one reason why many people label this website as a scam website as it often doesn’t prioritize the customers. Foreign websites often get a bad reputation due to poor communication and not offering the highest quality.

These are things to keep in mind if you are considering placing an order with ChicMe. Though there are plenty of people who are satisfied with what they ordered, the majority seem to be dissatisfied.

ChicMe Reviews

If you are thinking of ordering from ChicMe, the first thing you should do is look into the reviews. This is very important as this is going to show you the kind of experience that you may end up getting from this online store.

Is ChicMe Legit

There are quite a lot of positive reviews for this online website which may be why it has continued to be popular. There are plenty of customers who have gotten their purchase, and we’re ultimately happy with what they bought.

That being said, there are quite a large amount of negative reviews, as well from people who had a terrible experience with this website. Some people were never given tracking information and were not able to receive their packages at all.

Some people who did receive their packages were very unhappy with the results of the quality of the items that they bought. Many complained of poor quality fabric as well as inaccurate website photos and descriptions of the clothing.

Many of the negative reviews include complaints about things, such as:


If you were thinking of ordering from ChicMe, you are probably wondering if this is a legit website. The good news is that there is no information showing that this is not a legitimate website that you can safely order from.

Though, it is important to recognize that there have been many complaints about this online website. There are customers who were happy with their experience, but there is a majority that has had a bad experience with ChicMe.

Some people never received their order, some people were unable to get a refund, and some were just unhappy with the quality of the items that they received. Overall, there have been many complaints about many aspects of this online website.

Before placing an order, you should carefully look through the reviews to make sure that this is a website that you want to put your trust in.

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