Is Maruchan Ramen Discontinued at Walmart?

If you have been struggling to find Maruchan ramen at Walmart, you may be wondering if Walmart has discontinued this brand of ramen. This has been the concern of many as Maruchan ramen used to be so easy to find and now is out of stock.

This is a kind of instant ramen that has been loved for decades by hasty shoppers. It is flavorful and makes the perfect meal in a hurry that is both comforting and filling.

Keep reading to find out whether or not Walmart has discontinued Maruchan ramen from its stores.

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Is Maruchan Ramen No Longer Available at Walmart?

Walmart has not discontinued Maruchan ramen as far as we are aware rather it just can’t keep it in stock. The demand for Maruchan ramen has escalated to the point where Walmart can no longer keep up with it in the stores.

Because of this, you may not be able to find your favorite ramen at Walmart. What it does have tends to sell out quickly, and it may not be able to continue getting restocks.

This has scared many Walmart customers into believing that it is discontinuing the Maruchan ramen completely. This is not the case, this type of ramen has just become so popular that most stores are struggling to hold onto it.

This is why you may struggle to find Maruchan ramen no matter where you go. Whether you go to Walmart or to another type of grocery store. It is out of stock everywhere as the supply cannot meet the extreme demand right now.

The good thing is that this doesn’t mean that you will no longer find Maruchan ramen at Walmart. If you are lucky, you may run across it before it sells out, or you may find a flavor that isn’t selling out as quickly.

Is Maruchan Going to Still be Available to Buy?

Many people are worried about the sudden demand for Maruchan ramen and wonder why this is happening. It has been around for such a long time, why is it just now becoming so popular?

Is Maruchan Ramen Discontinued at Walmart

The answer to those questions is quite simple, and that is because the Maruchan brand of ramen is going to be discontinued. This is what has sparked the sudden demand for this kind of ramen.

People are scrambling to get as many packets of this ramen before it is discontinued and removed from the shelves of all grocery stores. This is being done by Profeco, which believes that Maruchan is damaging to people’s health.

One example of this was given by demonstrating how few veggies are in Maruchan ramen, even when it markets itself as containing veggies. This tricks consumers into believing that the ramen is healthier than it actually is.

Profeco is removing Maruchan ramen because it does not want to have any inaccurate marketing. It believes Maruchan to be marketing itself incorrectly, making it less trustworthy for customers.

This is just one of several ramen brands to be taken off of the shelves due to this concern about bad marketing. As many instant ramens tend to market themselves one way but provide different kinds of ingredients.

This is what has caused the sudden demand for Maruchan ramen, causing all of the shortages. Though it is going to be discontinued, just not directly by Walmart.

This is why many people are buying as much Maruchan ramen as they can find since there is no knowing when it will be gone for good.

Did Walmart Discontinue Maruchan Ramen?

Walmart has not discontinued Maruchan ramen, it is simply struggling to keep it in stock. Maruchan ramen is going to be discontinued, as a ramen brand, spurring a huge demand as people are trying to stock up.

This has been a favorite ramen brand for a very long time, and many people are sad to see it go. This is why stores all over are struggling to keep this ramen in stock.

No stores are discontinuing the ramen themselves, the entire brand is going to be going, which has caused panic buying. Stores are trying to keep it in stock for their customers, but many are having a hard time restocking it.

This is the unfortunate reality as this brand of ramen is set to be removed completely.

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