Is Taco Bell Bringing Back Mexican Pizza?

If you enjoyed eating the Mexican pizza at Taco Bell, you may want to know if Taco Bell is going to bring it back. This has been a very popular question as customers are missing the pizza option very badly.

Taco Bell is very creative, and this Mexican pizza was just another one of its special creations. Though it could have never dictated just how popular this Mexican pizza would have become and how beloved it is by Tasco Bell customers.

Keep reading to find out whether or not Taco Bell plans to bring the Mexican pizza back to its menu.

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Is Taco Bell Going to Bring Its Mexican Pizza Back?

Taco Bell decided to bring the Mexican pizza back after a huge amount of demand from its loyal customers. After it discontinued its pizza option, customers were very upset and continued to encourage the fast food chain to bring the menu item back.

Because the demand was so high, Taco Bell could not hold back its pizza and decided to add it back to the menu. After it did that, the Mexican pizza only became more popular, practically selling out in no time at all.

Because of this, Taco Bell has decided to bring it back for good and add it to the regular menu. This way, everyone can get a taste of this special Mexican pizza if they want to.

This is just one example of a very popular Taco Bell item that took off in popularity out of the blue. Taco Bell frequently tests out new products, but this pizza was especially loved by Taco Bell regulars.

Taco Bell is known for being highly creative and often thinking out of the box. You can see this when you look at any number of menu items that it has created.

Why Did Taco Bell Stop Serving That Mexican Pizza?

Taco Bell stopped serving its Mexican pizza in early 2021 because it wanted to simplify its restaurants. It wanted to simplify its operations and how much work was put into each menu item that was available.

Is Taco Bell Bringing Back Mexican Pizza

Taco Bell also wanted to put more focus on its most popular options as the Mexican pizza was enjoyed but not extremely popular yet. Because of this, it seemed like a safe menu item to bump off the menu to make room for other options.

Though this ended up being a good move for Taco Bell as customers decided that they couldn’t live without this pizza option. After removing it from the menu, the Mexican pizza actually became one of its most popular menu items.

Now Taco Bell is serving more Mexican pizzas than ever after it made its return to menus on May 19, 2022.

What is The Mexican Pizza at Taco Bell?

The Mexican pizza at Taco Bell is quite a simple menu item, though it is still very delicious. It is unique and still provides the traditional Taco Bell flavors in a whole new form.

Is Taco Bell Going to Bring Its Mexican Pizza Back

The Taco Bell Mexican pizza is made up of:

  • Tortilla shell
  • Pizza sauce
  • Ground beef
  • Beans
  • Cheese
  • Chopped tomatoes

All of these ingredients create a mouth-watering pizza that is a fun twist on Taco Bell’s usual menu items. This offers a different flavor profile for those looking to try something new at Taco Bell.

It is made by adding pizza sauce to the shell and filling it with either beans or ground beef. More sauce is added to the top along with cheese and chopped fresh tomatoes.

Will Taco Bell Serve Its Mexican Pizza Again?

Taco Bell has already started to serve its Mexican pizza yet again after some serious demands from fans. Taco Bell had taken it off the menu to make way for more popular options, but customers missed it too much.

Now the Mexican pizza is more popular than ever, and customers can’t get enough of it. It was brought back to Taco Bell menus on May 19th after it was removed in early 2021.

Now it will be a staple menu item so that customers can order a Mexican pizza whenever they like. It has only become more popular since being unavailable and has moved up to become one of Taco Bell’s most popular menu items.

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