Is Tom Thumb Expensive?

Tom Thumb is a fantastic grocery store for anyone in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. But there are other options, such as Kroger and even Target.

Before you head to Tom Thumb, consider how much you can expect to pay. That way, you can plan your shopping trip or decide to head elsewhere.

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Does Tom Thumb Cost a Lot?

Tom Thumb is more expensive than many larger grocery chains. It tends to have higher prices for most categories, though it has some good deals on breads and other baked goods. There’s also a rewards program to help shoppers save more money at the store.

Even though the prices are higher, Tom Thumb can still be a good place to shop. Consider if you should spend your money there or at a competitor.

When to Shop at Tom Thumb?

Tom Thumb might be an expensive grocery store. However, there are a few instances when it makes sense to shop there for your basic necessities.

Consider the following scenarios. If any apply to you, you might want to do some or all of your grocery shopping at Tom Thumb.

Is Tom Thumb Expensive

You Live Close

Maybe you live just down the street from a Tom Thumb. There are other grocery stores around, but they may be much farther away. That doesn’t sound bad at first, but you could end up spending a lot of time driving to get food and money on the extra gas.

If you like to make multiple shopping trips, it’s especially important to stay close to home. Then, you won’t need to fill up at the gas station as often.

Depending on what you buy and how often you go, you may break even or save money compared to going to a cheaper store farther away. Consider doing the math to decide if Tom Thumb could be the cheaper option overall.

You Work There

Tom Thumb can be a good place to work part-time or full-time. If you have a job there, you may get perks, like employee discounts.

At the very least, you’ll already be there. Once your shift ends, you can do your grocery shopping in one place. You won’t have to drive across town to find a store with better prices or the products you want.

As an employee, you’ll also know the location pretty well. That can make it even easier to get through the store more quickly and save time.

You Need Bread

The one area where Tom Thumb is cheaper than a store like Kroger is when it comes to bread and other baked items. When you need to stock up on those things, consider going to Tom Thumb.

When to Shop at Tom Thumb

You could go to the store just for the cheaper items, or you could do all of your shopping there. Do what works for your schedule and budget.

Then, you can save on some basic items that everyone needs. And you can save more money to splurge on luxuries, like high-quality meats or produce.

You Don’t Want Decision Fatigue

You’ll find around 20,000 items for sale at Tom Thumb stores. This is a small number compared to massive competitors, like Kroger or Albertsons.

However, it can be a good thing if you have trouble deciding on what to buy. You’ll have fewer brands and sizes to choose from. That means you can find what you need more quickly, so you don’t have to waste time comparing as many items.

If you don’t have a ton of time to run errands, Tom Thumb can help you. Then, you’ll have more time to do whatever else is on your to-do list.

You’re a Rewards Member

Tom Thumb has a fantastic rewards program you can join for free. When you shop there, you’ll get rewards, like free items or a certain dollar amount off a purchase.

If you shop at Tom Thumb enough, the rewards program may help you save hundreds of dollars each year. That could outweigh the higher prices you face initially. Of course, you’ll need to do the math based on your situation.

But in some cases, you may save more than at another grocery store. Consider buying from Tom Thumb for a month. Add up all of your receipts and compare them to your usual spending to see if the rewards may be a good deal.

You Don't Want Decision Fatigue

Why Tom Thumb Is Expensive?

It’s unclear why Tom Thumb is expensive, but there are a few potential reasons. First, it’s a local chain. While it’s part of the Albertson’s family of stores, you won’t find Tom Thumb outside of Texas.

Running a local grocery store can cost a bit more per location. That means the company needs to charge more to stay in business.

Then there’s the fact that they have few product recalls. They’ve only had a few in the past few years compared to tens of recalls at larger competitors. Tom Thumb had to do some vetting to find good products to sell.

When you shop there, you can expect that you’ll get something of high quality. Recalls happen, but you don’t have to worry as much about them at Tom Thumb as at competitors.


Tom Thumb is a relatively costly grocery store since it’s local and has quality products. But you may be able to save money by getting bread there. It’s also a nice choice if you work at Tom Thumb or live near a location as well as if you’re a rewards member.

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