Lilly Pulitzer Return Policy

If you wish to make a return to Lilly Pulitzer, you may be wondering what kind of return policy the store has. This is a commonly asked question as it is important to understand what kind of return policy you need to follow.

This can make the return process much simpler and avoid any frustration later on in the process. Lilly Pulitzer kept this in mind and made its return policy easy to understand and simple to follow.

Though it is always a good idea to look into the return policy of a store before purchasing an item. Keep reading to find out what kind of return policy Lily Pulitzer has as well as how to return an item.

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What Kind of Return Policy Does Lilly Pulitzer Have?

If you wish to make a return to Lilly Pulitzer, this is a pretty easy process to do. You have 30 days to make a return after purchasing any item if you want to receive a full refund to your original payment method.

The Lily Pulitzer will receive refunds after 30 days all the way up to 90 days after making the purchase. So after 30 days, you will not receive a refund for your original payment method rather, you will get store credit to use.

Overall this is a very generous timeline for customers to decide if they are happy with what they have bought. Though it is important to remember that there are restrictions involved in what can and cannot be returned to the store.

You must follow these rules if you want to be able to get your refund or store credit as Lilly Pulitzer will reject returns that do not follow rules, such as:

  • Worn items
  • Washed items
  • Tags removed
  • No hygienic liner
  • No receipt or order number

Many of these rules are in place in order to keep the merchandise being returned in like new condition. This allows Lilly Pulitzer to resell returns so that it does not suffer a financial loss by accepting returns from its customers.

This is why all returns must be unworn and unwashed and have the tags fully intact so that the items are in new condition. Merchandise like underwear must be returned with a hygienic liner intact otherwise, they will be swiftly rejected.

How Long Does It Take a Lilly Pulitzer Return to Process?

As of right now, Lily Pulitzer has made it clear to customers that it could take as long as 30 days for returns to process. This is because of delays that the store has been experiencing with so much going on behind the scenes.

Lilly Pulitzer Return Policy

This 30-day time period includes the entire process, such as the time it takes the item to be shipped as well as the processing time. This is why it could take up to 30 days before you ever see your refund being issued to you.

So when you go forward with making your return to Lilly Pulitzer, you should be prepared to wait a while to get your refund. This is just the reality as Lilly Pulitzer is trying to handle all of the returns as well as keep its stores fully functioning.

How Do I Return Something to Lilly Pulitzer?

Now that you know a bit about the return policy at Lilly Pulitzer, you probably want to know how to start a return. This is important as this gets the ball rolling so that you can get your refund as quickly as possible.

How Long Does It Take a Lilly Pulitzer Return to Process

To start a return to Lilly Pulitzer, you need to begin by filling out a return request for them on the Lilly Pulitzer website. Once you have filled out this form, you will be sent a shipping label that you can print off yourself.

You will need to repackage your item, preferably in the packaging materials that it arrived in. Make sure everything is secure, and attach the shipping label to the outside of the package so that it can be easily scanned.

Once the package is ready to go, you will need to ship it out to Lilly Pulitzer through FedEx. You can do this by dropping it off at a FedEx location or scheduling a FedEx pick-up at your home.

The faster you are able to start your return, the faster you can get your refund. If you want, you can also track your refund to see when it arrives at the Lilly Pulitzer facilities.

Does Lilly Pulitzer Charge a Return Fee?

If you were able to start your return to Lilly Pulitzer early and start it within 15 days of purchasing the item, you will not be charged a return fee. This is a huge bonus and allows you to save a little bit of money in the process.

What Kind of Return Policy Does Lilly Pulitzer Have

If you wait past 15 days to start the return, you will be charged a $7 shipping fee for the shipping label that Lilly Pulitzer provides. This is not much, but it is a fee that you will be charged if you wish to make a return.

Many stores do this as it saves them money as they do not have to pay for the shipping label themselves. Though it is a downside for customers as it means you will not be getting the full refund that you were expecting.

What Is the Return Policy at Lilly Pulitzer?

If you wish to make a return to Lilly Pulitzer, this is very easy to do as long as you start the process within 30 days of your purchase. However you can avoid a return fee if you do this within 15 days, otherwise, you will have to pay $7.

Keep in mind that all returns to Lilly Pulitzer must be in like new condition to be accepted. If they are not in their original condition, when Lilly Pulitzer gets your returns, it has every right to reject the return and not issue a refund.

If you happen to request a refund after 30 days, this is allowed you just won’t get a refund to your original payment method. Instead, you will get store credit for this kind of return.

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