Making Multiple Doordash Accounts

As a Doordash customer, you may be wondering if you can have multiple Doordash accounts and if you should. This is a tricky topic and isn’t as straightforward as one might think.

If you are interested in creating multiple Doordash accounts, keep reading because this article will tell you everything that you need to know. As well as how to do it if you decide to make more than one account.

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Multiple Doordash Accounts

You can technically make multiple Doordash accounts if you are tech-savvy and able to work around the Doordash system. Though this is not technically allowed, it is possible if you know what you are doing and can do it well.

It is possible to make multiple Doordash accounts if you can get the necessary information to open another account. Most people do not do this because it takes time to get the necessary information.

You cannot use the same information that you used for a previous account even if it is currently not in use or deactivated. Doordash will recognize repeated information and not allow that account to be opened.

You will need to get a different phone number and email address to start off with. You can use another family member’s number and email or get new ones for your second account.

Another big thing to remember is you cannot use the same card for multiple accounts. Doordash will quickly catch onto this and close your new account or both accounts using the same card.

You will have to use different information for all of the accounts, even down to your card and payment information. Otherwise, Doordash will catch on and take away your accounts.

Benefits of Having Them

The biggest reason why many people want to create more than one Doordash account is that you get a bonus for referring someone. By creating a second or third, or fourth account, you are tricking Doordash into believing that you referred to that new account.

Most people who refer someone to Doordash will get $15 off of their next order once the referred account spends over $10. After spending $10, the referred person will get $20 off of their next orders.

This can add up significantly and result in over $30 worth of savings for you if you are making multiple accounts. By making these multiple accounts, you are tricking Doordash into believing that they are new people referred by you.

This can be tricky to pull off, however, as Doordash is not stupid and can spot even the smallest similarities. All of the information that you use to create these new accounts must be entirely new.

You cannot recycle any information if you want to make sure that you don’t get caught.

Are You Allowed to Have More Than One Doordash Account?

Multiple Doordash Accounts

You are not allowed to have more than one Doordash account at a time. This is due to the fact that there is no real reason why you should need more than one account to order food.

So it goes without saying that you must want it for other reasons that Doordash most likely does not approve of.

Doordash isn’t stupid and knows that people will try to take advantage of its referral program. That is why this rule is in place and why it is so difficult to successfully create more than one account.

Doordash makes it hard for a reason as it does not want people taking advantage of the referral bonuses.

Customer Account Deactivation

Doordash does have the power to deactivate any customer’s account at any time. They can do this if they suspect that any prohibited activity is going on with that account.

This includes asking for too many refunds and trying to get food delivered for free. It can also happen if drivers complain about you over serious matters or over the course of multiple instances.

If Doordash catches you making multiple accounts to get money off of your orders, it will most likely deactivate your account. Creating multiple accounts is not allowed, and it has the right to remove all of them if you are caught.

They Will Quickly Catch On

Making Multiple Doordash Accounts

You can technically create more than one Doordash account if you are able to get around the rules. This takes some time and effort but can be successfully accomplished and recreated multiple times.

People do this to take advantage of the Doordash referral program that takes money off of the referred and referral’s orders. As a referrer, you can get $15 off of an order, while the referee can get $20 off of their order.

This is motivation enough to create more than one Doordash account to get over 30$ off of your food delivery orders.

Doordash does not allow customers to have more than one account, so you have to be careful when doing this. If Doordash sees that the same person is creating multiple Doordash accounts, it will deactivate them all.

You will have to have new information for each account with no information overlapping. If Doordash sees too many similarities, it will quickly catch on to what you are doing.

You will need a new phone number, a new email address, and even a new card to pay with. You don’t want to use any of the same information, or else your account may be deactivated permanently.

Doordash tries very hard to prevent customers from taking advantage of its referral program, which is why this process can be so difficult.

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