Should I Call Walmart About My Application?

If you have just submitted your application to Walmart, you may be wondering if you can call Walmart about it. This is a very common question amongst Walmart applicants that are eager to get to work.

The hiring process of any company can be a bit scary, which is why many people don’t know what they can and cannot do. The last thing anyone wants to do is do something that could hurt their chances of landing the job.

Keep reading to find out whether or not it is okay to call Walmart about your application.

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Can I Call Walmart About My Application?

If you have submitted your application to Walmart, it is completely fine to want to call and ask about it. This is very normal, and many applicants do this just to keep the ball rolling and ensure their application is being considered.

Doing this also shows that you are an interested applicant and are eager to get the job. A little excitement can go a long way and can make you appear like a much better hiring option.

The important thing to remember is that you should not call too frequently or too quickly. You shouldn’t even consider calling until after you have submitted your application for one to two weeks.

After that time period, you can call once to ask about it and give a friendly reminder. If it continues to take a long time, you can call every week and a half to every two weeks just to find out how the process is going.

You should avoid calling every week or harassing the Walmart employees. Be courteous and patient, and try to not rush things.

Should I Go To Walmart About My Application?

If you have filled out an application to work at Walmart, it is best to not go to Walmart to ask about it. You can call after a few weeks, but there is no point in going in person to ask.

Should I Call Walmart About My Application

You would have to ask specifically to talk to someone about your application and would be interfering with people’s work. This can come across as rude or pushy and might even harm your chances of being hired.

It is perfectly normal to be anxious to hear back about your application, but you do not want to be irritating. It is best to wait two weeks and then call to ask and leave it at that.

How Long Does it Take Walmart to Accept Applications?

It can take a variety of timelines for Walmart to decide on an applicant. Though it will typically take two to three weeks before you will hear anything from Walmart.

Though every Walmart can be different and may have a different application process. The time that you may have to wait could be affected by:

  • The job openings
  • The number of applicants
  • Your background
  • The store location
  • The stores screening process
  • The time of year

These are just some of the different factors that can contribute to a shorter or longer wait time. It will just depend, and you may want to prepare to wait longer depending on your store’s location.

Different seasons of the year can particularly have this effect if more applicants are trying to get hired. This can make wait times longer as Walmart has to sort through the applicants.

This could also have the opposite effect if fewer people are applying, leaving the application process open for anyone who wants a job.

Why Does Walmart Application Say “Under Consideration”?

If you have applied for the Walmart position online, you will be able to look into your application on the Walmart website. This will allow you to track the process of your application right from your phone.

If you have applied at Walmart, you may notice that it says that your application is under consideration. This could sound like a bad thing and make you worry that you might not be the right fit for the job.

The good thing is that this just means that a hiring manager is reviewing your application. This doesn’t hurt your hiring chances, it is just another step in the application process.

Can I Call Walmart with Regards to My Application?

If you have submitted your job application to Walmart, it is okay if you want to give Walmart a call about it. Many applicants do this if the process is taking a bit longer or they would just like an update.

It is fine to do this as long as you do not become too aggressive with it. You should wait at least one week before calling, preferably two weeks.

You should be kind and patient when on the phone and not harass or lose your temper with the employee that you are talking to. Ideally, you should call; only once about your application and not call again.

Calling too many times will look aggressive and could get your application thrown out before it is even considered.

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