Stores Like L.L. Bean

L.L. Bean is by far one of the most popular stores when it comes to outdoor wear and gear for all kinds of people. This is the store that invented duck boots and ultimately made outdoor wear more accessible.

L.L. Bean is still one of the most popular options when it comes to buying outdoor wear. Whether you work outdoors or just like to spend time outside, L.L. Bean is the right choice for you.

Here you can get everything that you may need, from rain boots to hiking boots. Or you could get all kinds of jackets or clothes to go camping in during the wet rainy season.

No matter what you need, L.L. Bean has, this is why many people like to know about other stores that are similar. Keep reading to find out just what other stores are like L.L. Bean.

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1. The North Face

The North Face is one of the best alternatives to L.L. Bean as it is also one of its top competitors in the outdoor market. This store is a beloved option and has a long line of supporters behind it.

The North Face covers every category that you could think of in the outdoor gear market. It has outdoor clothing and gear for both men and women, making it easy to grab what you need.

It is especially popular when it comes to hikers due to its hiking gear and clothing. It also sells backpacks that are so good they just might be even better than the backpacks at L.L. Bean.

2. Timberland

Timberland is best known for its comfortable and durable work boots that have set this store apart from the rest. Though it has a lot more to offer than just boots as it sells other outdoor gear as well.

Stores Like L.L. Bean

Timberland offers different kinds of outdoor and work apparel that are made to last and be as efficient as possible. This is ideal for anyone who works outside or does all kinds of activities in the outdoors.

At this store, you can find things like jackets, boots, backpacks, sweatshirts, and more.

3. Filson

Filson is another store that makes excellent outdoor gear that is easily comparable to L.L. Bean. It sells all kinds of hunting and fishing supplies along with its outdoor gear and clothing for men and women.

It also sells a line of rugged luggage and bags that can be used for travel as well as outdoor use.

4. REI

REI is short for Recreational Equipment Inc. and is pretty self-explanatory in terms of what it sells. This store carries all kinds of outdoor products, including gear, clothing, shoes, bags, and sports equipment.

Here you can find all kinds of things that you may need for your next outdoor trip. Whether it be to a ski resort, to camp at the lake, or go on a hunting trip.

REI is going to have your back and make sure you are well equipped with what you need to be in the great outdoors.

5. J. Crew

Though J. Crew is not as well-known for selling outdoor clothing and gear, this store does have great options. It is not quite as expensive as some other popular outdoor companies and still provides an impressive selection of outdoor gear.

Here you can pick up some durable outdoor clothes and some boots to go with them. Gear is also available as long as you aren’t too picky about the size and style of what you get.

Overall, J. Crew is another great alternative to L.L. Bean.

6. Cabela’s

Cabela’s is a notable hunting and fishing store that prides itself on its gear that you can buy for your hunting and fishing trips. It sells things like knives, guns, fishing rods, and bows, but that’s not all it sells.

Cabela’s also sells outdoor gear and outdoor clothing that is durable and specific for that purpose. It offers many options that are similar to L.L. Bean products, making it hard to choose between these two stores.

Cabela’s is a bit expensive but not more so than any other sporting or outdoor gear store is.

7. Orvis

Orvis is the oldest mail-order retailer in the United States and started by selling fishing gear. Since then, it has expanded to all kinds of outdoor gear that could easily rival L.L. Bean’s products.

You will find all kinds of outdoor equipment and clothing at this store along with accessories to help you out on your next adventure. It even sells some home accessories, such as furniture, kitchenware, and rugs.

Orvis offers a diverse selection of products for you to choose from that many other stores don’t have just yet.

8. Sierra

Sierra is a store that has a strong focus on sporting goods and outdoor gear. It sells all kinds of outdoor and sporting apparel as well as any gear or accessories that you might find yourself needing.

It sells things from water bottles to rain jackets to hunting boots, depending on what you are looking for. It also has very reasonable prices for the high-quality that you are getting in return.

Overall, Sierra is a great place to look if you are interested in buying affordable outdoor or sporting gear or clothing for your next adventure.

9. Sorel

Sorel is a company that made its name by creating sturdy winter boots that became increasingly popular. It offers some other merchandise, but for the most part, it specializes in boots.

It could be worth grabbing a pair of Sorel boots if your next big adventure involves any kind of cold or snowy climate. They are the best of the best and are made to last a long time.

10. Patagonia

Patagonia is a store that directly competes with L.L. Bean, that’s just how similar the two are to each other. This store sells many of the same kinds of products at similar prices to L.L. Bean.

Patagonia is known for selling a wide range of items that anyone could find useful. Its merchandise covers all areas of outdoor gear, whether you are going on a hike, skiing, going hunting, or taking a boating trip.

No matter what your plans are, Patagonia has you covered.

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