Stores Like Lord and Taylor

Lord and Taylor is a popular retail store chain that sells designer fashion and brand name goods. Its defining feature is that everything that it sells is much cheaper than you would find at other luxury stores.

Lord and Taylor offers some of the best designer clothing and accessory options at the lowest prices. Along with its low prices, Lord and Taylor regular;y have sales and discounts to make way for more stock.

If you want to be able to fill your wardrobe with designer labels, this is the place to go. Here, you can find some of the most affordable prices while still getting those statement pieces that you are after.

Keep reading to find out what stores are similar to Lord and Taylor and have similar merchandise and price options.

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1. Nordstrom

Nordstrom is one of the top competitors to Lord and Taylor as it also sells discounted fashion items. This retail store features all kinds of popular designers and brand labels that are highly sought after.

While Nordstrom offers these high-class fashion options, it tends to keep its prices at a reasonable range considering what you are getting. It also hosts a lot of sales and discounts as new pieces come into the store.

This allows customers to find exceptionally affordable fashion options at Nordstrom.

2. Macy’s

Macy’s is an upscale department store that is known for its wide assortment of luxury merchandise. This has always been a popular store as it offers exceptional options at a lower price than most luxury stores.

Stores Like Lord and Taylor

Though it’s not necessarily as cheap as Lord and Taylor, it does offer highly discounted products. Here you can purchase luxury accessories, designer labels, and the latest in fashion for a very affordable price range.

It offers all kinds of sales and discounts to help bring its prices even lower for its customers.

3. Kohl’s

Kohl’s is a department store that is mostly known for its section dedicated to fashion and designer pieces. Though Kohl’s features a lot of its own fashion pieces, it also features all kinds of clothing designers.

Here, you can find some of the best prices around as Kohl’s keeps its clothing very affordable. Kohl’s also has many sales throughout the year to make way for more merchandise coming in.

Kohl’s is a great place to get designer clothing for women, men, and children at an affordable price range.

4. Bloomingdale’s

Bloomingdale’s is another top competitor of Lord and Taylor as it offers almost the exact same kinds of merchandise. At Bloomingdale’s, you can expect to find all kinds of designer fashion pieces as well as luxury accessories.

Bloomingdale’s sells a large fashion section as well as luxury handbags, wallets, jewelry, and more. It carries everything that Lord and Taylor does, while also offering lower-than-average prices.

This makes Bloomingdale’s a great place to shop for discounted luxury items that might be too expensive elsewhere.

5. J Crew

J Crew is a department store that features a selection of high-quality fashion items for men, women, and children. This store features top-notch quality standards and sells designer brands that are known worldwide.

This store is not as cheap as Lord and Taylor, but it does often mark down its prices. J Crew regularly hosts sales and offers discounts to customers to help make its prices more affordable.

This is a store that you want to watch as you never know when the next good sale will come up.

6. C. Penny

C. Penny is a store that has been around for a very long time and has been able to rise above its competition. This department store sells discounted clothing and shoes as well as some high-quality home goods options.

C. Penny offers a wide selection of up[-scale merchandise that is very reasonably priced, much like Lord and Taylor. Its prices are lower than average and allows costumes to treat themselves to some luxury goods

7. Dillard’s

Dillard’s is a department store chain that has been a huge force in the fashion world of the US. This store offers designer clothing, accessories, and footwear that are in high demand from customers.

Dilard’s also features low prices with the ability to apply all kinds of store discounts to your purchases. The footwear at Dollard’s alone, is discounted to 65% off for all designer footwear.

This is a great place to find luxury goods that are reasonably priced. You will most likely end up not having to pay the full price anyway, as Dillards has so many sales and discounts throughout the year.

8. Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue carries luxury items just like Lord and Taylor does, in fact, it is one of the oldest luxury chain stores. This store carries the latest in designer fashion and accessories that are in high demand.

Though it offers up-scale items, Saks Fifth Avenue still keeps its prices reasonable for what you are getting. It’s not quite as affordable as Lord and Taylor, but it is a close second option for shoppers looking for luxury goods.

9. TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx is one of the largest discount retailers in the US and offers exceptionally low prices on its merchandise. Here, you can find all kinds of fashion items as well as accessories and footwear.

Everything is marked down to a very affordable price, not to mention the frequent discounts that TJ Maxx has. It is not uncommon for TJ Maxx merchandise to be discounted as low as 70%.

It offers some of the top-selling designers and brand names, making it a contender with Lord and Taylor. As for prices, TJ Maxx even offers lower prices than its competition.

10. Kroger

Kroger is mostly known for being a place to get groceries, though it also has a section dedicated to fashion. This store offers some designer pieces as well as name-brand selections throughout the store.

Krogers features designers and all kinds of luxury goods, from clothing to accessories and beauty care. There are some really great picks at Krogers, all at very affordable prices.

Krogers also holds sales and discounts that can bring the original prices even lower.

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