Uber Eats Bike vs Car Pay

Uber Eats provides thousands of people a convenient way to earn extra income or full-time rates delivering orders. But many couriers are wondering which delivery method pays more. Here’s everything you need to know about Uber Eats bike and car pay rates.

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Uber Eats Bike or Car: Which Pays More?

Uber Eats doesn’t use a different pay scale for deliveries on bikes or cars. But the platform might prioritize vehicle deliveries as of 2022. However, your Uber Eats earnings will depend on your location, market, tips, riding style, and several factors.

uber eats bike delivery pay

What Impacts Uber Eats Bike and Car Profit Margins?

Although Uber Eats doesn’t use a different pay scale for bike and car deliveries, a few factors can impact your profit margins. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind:

  • Your location
  • Your local market and the number of restaurants near you
  • Your carrying capacity, bags, racks, and delivery bags
  • You auto insurance
  • Current gas prices
  • Bike and car maintenance

Things to Keep in Mind

There are several things to remember when considering bicycle delivery for Uber Eats. Here are some factors to consider before signing up or hopping on your bike.

Pros of Bike Delivery

Fewer expenses. Delivering orders on a bike has fewer expenses than a car. You won’t have to pay for gas, auto insurance, or routine maintenance. Bicycle deliveries might be worth your time, as gas prices are on the rise.

Better for the environment. Bicycles don’t create as large of a carbon footprint or emissions as a car. Delivering orders on a bike is better for the environment and might save around 3000 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions per year.

Nimble. Bicycles can provide you with an easier time navigating congested downtown environments or areas with heavy traffic.

Easy to park. You might have to circle around the block, use GPS, or wait in line to find a parking spot in a car. In many cases, you can park next to the entry of a restaurant on a bike, saving you time and frustration in the process.

Exercise. Additional exercise is one of the unique advantages of delivering on a bike. You’ll get paid to exercise and stay in shape. What’s more, is that cycling can be delightful and enriching.

Cons of Bike Delivery

Difficult to manage orders. It can be challenging to handle food orders while riding on a bicycle. You’ll need a backpack, delivery bag, or bike rack in most cases. The orders can easily be shaken or disturbed as well.

Larger deliveries are a challenge. You might receive multiple orders or large deliveries while riding a bike. It can be challenging to carry multiple orders, keep them organized, and prevent them from being disturbed.

Weather is a risk. Weather is a much greater risk for bike deliveries. Rain, snow, and heat can quickly become an issue and impact your income. You might struggle to keep food warm or become too hot depending on the conditions.

Customers might have an issue. Some customers don’t like it when their food orders are delivered on a bike. Customers might expect the food to be cold or in poor condition and might not tip as highly.

Breakdowns are a risk. It’s possible for your bike tires to go flat or chains and cables to malfunction. You might have to end a delivery session early or pull over and resolve maintenance issues on the fly.

Smaller orders yield less pay. You’ll typically receive smaller orders while delivering on a bike, which often means smaller order amounts and tips.

Locking up your bike can be a pain. Locking up your bike outside of a restaurant or customer’s apartment can be tricky and time-consuming.

You can’t write off miles on your taxes. Unfortunately, standard mileage allowances don’t apply to bikes or two-wheeled vehicles, meaning you can’t write them off on taxes. In some cases, you might be able to claim a portion of the costs to use your bike.

uber eats prioritize car deliveries

Important Updates to Uber Eats Bike Mode

Many Uber Eats couriers are outraged over a recent platform update around April 2022. Allegedly, Uber Eats sent out a marketing email encouraging couriers to swap to bike delivery and changed its order assigning algorithm shortly after.

The algorithm change significantly prioritizes car deliveries over bicycle couriers. This means that bike riders are getting fewer orders, and their income has been reduced. Some full-time bike couriers were making $200 a day before the change and made a fraction of that after the update.

Many Uber Eats couriers have tested the change and experienced similar results. It’s uncertain whether the update has been changed and whether bike deliveries are back to normal. However, this is something to keep in mind when determining if Uber Eats bike delivery is right for you.

Uber Eats Car or Bike Pay

Uber Eats doesn’t use a different pay scale for deliveries on bikes or cars. However, the platform has conducted software updates in 2022 that might prioritize vehicle deliveries over bikes. It hasn’t been determined whether or not the update is still in effect and what the future holds.

That being said, your Uber Eats earnings will depend on your location, market, tips, riding style, and several factors. The increased effort, fewer expenses, weather conditions, and smaller orders are factors to keep in mind when considering Uber Eats bike delivery. You can apply to become a Uber Eats courier by visiting the official page here.

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