Uber Eats Phone Support Unavailable (800-253-9377)

Uber Eats Phone Support Unavailable (800-253-9377)

UberEats has a well-trained, knowledgeable, and highly courteous customer support team readily available to help you with any issues you may have during the sign-up process while working as a driver and every moment in between.

But what happens if you call in and their customer phone support line is unavailable?  The company works tirelessly to be sure you have access to the help you need when you need it, so even if the phone line is down, there are other ways to get the answers you need.

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What Do You Do If Uber’s Customer Phone Support is Unavailable?

If you call UberEats’ customer service phone number, 1-800-253-9377, and find that it’s unavailable, there are other numbers you can call depending upon the support you need.  There are also social media networks of customer service, email, live chat support, and more methods of receiving the support you need to get an answer fast.

What Other Numbers Can I Call?

UberEats has live customer service representatives available to answer your questions 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  If you call the main customer support line and are unable to get someone on the phone, don’t give up.  Depending on what you need help with, there are a few different numbers you can call to get direct assistance if their main number is unavailable.

  • 1-833-275-3287 for information about the restaurant
  • 1-800-593-7069 for information about career

If you need help with something that is not related to restaurants or careers, there are other methods for contacting a representative online or through the UberEats App.

Wait, UberEats Has Social Networks?

Nowadays, nearly everyone has at least one social media account, including UberEats!  Their Social Networks’ Customer Service is also always available to you for additional assistance if you are unable to get someone on the phone.

You can contact UberEats customer service via their Facebook Page at

  • Facebook. A representative will typically reply within one hour of you reaching out.
  • Twitter. You can also acquire assistance through UberEats Twitter Page
  • UberEats also has an Instagram page you can contact for customer support.

Depending on what you need help with, reaching out to a customer service representative through one of UberEats’ social media platforms may serve you well!  With a quick response and easy access, customer service is made simple with the help of social media.  You may also find that someone had asked a similar question before that was already answered online!

What’s UberEats’ Email?

You can also contact UberEats’ customer support by sending them an email at eats@uber.com, and someone from their support team will respond.  This may not be the fastest option for receiving assistance, but it is still viable if their phone support is down.  You could receive a response in as little as a couple of hours or as long as a couple of days, though UberEats tries its best to respond within a reasonable amount of time.

UberEats’ Help Page

One of the best places to check first when needing assistance with UberEats is their Help Page.  With a search box at the top of the page that asks you to “describe your issue,” – it is a fast and easy method to get the help you need when you are unable to reach someone over the phone.  Some of the things you can find assistance with here include:

  • Help with an order
  • Account and Payment Options
  • A Guide to Delivery and Pickup
  • Pass Information

The UberEats App

This is an excellent way to receive help if you are out on the go, as you most likely already have your UberEats app to open on your phone.  To get in contact with the support you need, tap on the Profile tab and then tap “HELP.”

What Else Can You Do?

If these options don’t sound like they will work for you, or if you have exhausted these resources and still have not found your answer, you can try calling the UberEats customer support phone number, 1-800-253-9377, at different times of the day.  While we work hard to get you the help you need, there are only so many people available to answer your call.  Calling at a less busy time or a different day altogether if it is not an immediately urgent matter may be helpful.

Where Can You Get Customer Support If 1-800-253-9377 Is Unavailable?

If you call 1-800-253-9377 and the line is unavailable, you still have other options for receiving the assistance you need.  You can get answers online, through their website or social networks, or by contacting a representative over email.  If you are unable to get the answer you need right away, try contacting someone a different way or calling back another time.

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  1. The Uber Eats contact numbers are not contactable. The Uber Eats apps rely on using an order in the order history to raise a dispute – but the order has disappeared, so this is impossible. No response from Uber Eats by email, Twitter (X) or Threads. Uber Eats appear to have deliberately made it very difficult to get in contact and raise a dispute. They have effectively stolen my money.

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