U-Haul Diesel or Gas

Before you drive off the U-Haul lot, you should consider how you’ll need to fuel it when the tank runs low. That way, you can go to the right pump at the gas station after driving around.

Consider if U-Hauls use diesel or gas for fuel.

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What Kind of Gas Does a U-Haul Truck Take?

Most, if not all, U-Hauls use unleaded gas for fuel. That means the truck is easy to fill up at a regular gas station pump. Choose from regular or premium when filling up the U-Haul before taking the truck back or at any other time during the rental.

If you come across an older U-Haul, it may use diesel, but that’s not very common today. You can always ask the people at the U-Haul center about the type of fuel their trucks use to be sure.

Types of Gas

When looking at how to fill up your U-Haul, you should consider the different types of gas. One option that a lot of people go with is regular unleaded gas. You can use this in your moving truck, and it’s a small thing that can help you save money.

However, you also have the option of buying premium gas. One of the benefits of premium gas is that it has a higher octane rating. Octane ratings differ based on a fuel’s ability to handle improper combustion.

Premium gas also tends to burn slower than regular, so you may get more use out of a single tank. Unfortunately, those benefits come with a higher price tag.

Gas vs. Diesel

U-Haul Diesel or Gas

When looking at the types of gas, you may also want to compare gas and diesel. While U-Haul doesn’t have diesel trucks, it helps to know how the fuels differ. That way, you can rent the right type of truck for your needs.

Diesel engines tend to be more fuel-efficient than gas engines. They also tend to run slower than gas engines, which can help extend the engine’s lifespan.

Luckily, U-Haul has been looking for ways to make the gas trucks more efficient. If you rent one, you can do a few things to increase the efficiency during your move.

How to Determine the Fuel the U-Haul Uses

Once you arrive at U-Haul to rent a truck, you should determine what fuel it uses. In most cases, the answer will be gas. However, it helps to be sure so that you don’t fill the tank with the wrong type of fuel.

First, you can ask an associate at the U-Haul center. They should be able to tell you based on the type of truck you’re renting.

Another option is to look at the truck itself. You may be able to tell what fuel it uses by looking at and around the gas gauge on the dashboard. If that doesn’t work, you can check the gas cap to see if there’s any label.

Finally, you can look at other areas of the truck for a fuel decal. Then, you’ll know for sure what you need to use when refilling the tank.

U-Haul Gas Mileage

Another important aspect of renting a U-Haul truck is determining how much gas you’ll need. The gas mileage can vary from truck to truck, so consider the specs when selecting the truck you want to rent.

A 10-foot U-Haul truck gets up to 12 miles per gallon. With a 31-gallon fuel tank, you can drive for up to 372 miles before having to refuel. Meanwhile, the 15-foot truck gets up to 10 miles per gallon or 400 miles per tank with a 40-gallon tank.

If you rent a 20-foot truck from U-Haul, you’ll get the same fuel economy as with the 15-foot truck. The 26-foot truck has a 60-gallon tank and the same fuel economy. That means you can drive for up to 600 miles before refueling.

Maybe you don’t need an entire truck, but you want to rent from U-Haul. The pickup truck gets up to 19 miles per gallon and has a 34-gallon tank. You can get up to 646 miles per tank. If you need a cargo van, the U-Haul model gets up to 18 miles per gallon. The 25-gallon tank means you can drive for up to 450 miles before running out of gas.

How to Save Money on Gas When Renting a U-Haul

When renting a U-Haul, you can do a few things to save money on gas. Here are a few strategies to consider, so you can choose the best option for you.

Rent the Smallest Truck

Think about how much stuff you need to move. You can even put everything together to measure the space.

Then, you’ll be able to rent the smallest truck that you can get away with. In general, the smaller vehicles have better gas mileage, which can help you save money.

Once you reach the 15-foot truck, the gas mileage stays the same. But if you don’t need that size, you may want to rent the 10-foot truck. If you’re driving a long way, the savings can add up quickly.

Plan Your Route

What Kind of Gas Does a U-Haul Truck Take?

Another thing to consider is the route you’ll take as well as when you’ll drive. Of course, you should drive the shortest possible route possible.

However, you may also want to think about when you’ll be driving. If you have to drive through rush-hour traffic, you might end up sitting in traffic. Sometimes, that can waste a lot more fuel than planning an alternate route.

If you have to drive when traffic is busy, find ways to avoid sitting. Then, you can make the most of the gas in the U-Haul.

Buy From the Right Places

You may also want to plan where you’ll stop for gas, especially with a one-way move. Some gas stations will charge more if they’re right off the highway.

Consider if you can save a bit of money by driving somewhat into town. If you have to drive far from the highway, the extra gas you use might negate the savings though.

Another thing to consider is if you have a rewards card that works with a gas station. If so, look for those stations along your moving route so that you can save money.

Bring Cash

Some gas stations have a lower rate for cash customers than credit card customers. They don’t want to have to pay for credit card processing fees.

If you’re able to avoid using a card, you might get a lower price per gallon. That may help you save a lot of money if you have a long-distance move.

Schedule Your Move Strategically

Another thing to consider is if you have to move on a specific day. If not, consider moving earlier in the week.

Gas prices tend to rise throughout the week and are highest on the weekend. Driving on a Monday may allow you to save quite a bit on gas. Then, you can get to your new place safely and with more money left over.

Do U-Hauls Use Diesel or Gas?

U-Hauls tend to use gas these days, but you may find older models that still use diesel. Be sure to ask the U-Haul center about the fuel type when you pick up the truck. That way, you’ll know which pump to use when you need to refuel. And you can find ways to save on the cost of the gas.

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