UPS Clearance Information Required

If you receive a clearance information required notification from UPS, you were probably wondering what this notification means. Is this a bad thing? Will you need to take some kind of action to resolve this issue?

These are all common questions as this can be an unsettling notification to get about an international package. There are a lot of things that can go wrong with international packages as they have to follow very specific rules.

Because of this, there is a lot that can go wrong when international packages are coming in or going out of the United States. This is why you should keep an eye on your tracking information to see if any issues come up during this process.

Keep reading to find out what a UPS clears information required notification means and what to do about it.

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What Does UPS Clearance Information Required Mean?

If you have received a clearance information required notification from UPS, this means that customs needs more information. This happens when your package is going through customs and it cannot be cleared.

This is much more common than you realize, as some international packages come in without the necessary information.

This can happen to anyone as there is a lot of information necessary for international packages to be cleared.

The process of clearing packages in customs is very extensive and does not leave any stones unturned. Even the smallest detail that is left out could cause your package to be delayed in the facilities as it needs more information to continue.

  • Incomplete address
  • Missing address details
  • Incomplete invoice
  • Missing invoice
  • Incomplete description
  • Incorrect UPS customs form

These are just a few instances where you may be hit with a UPS clearance information required notification. There are many details that go into making a package customs friendly, so many things can come up at this point.

This is a serious issue that does need to be addressed and resolved in order for your package to continue on its journey. If you fail to update the information that is required, your package will not be released by customs and will not be delivered.

What Do I Do When UPS Clearance Information Is Required?

When you receive a UPS clearance information required notification, it is up to you to take action to fix this issue. If you are the recipient of the package, you should alert the shipper of what is going on so that they can tackle it on their end.

What Does UPS Clearance Information Required Mean

If you are the person sending the package, then you need to contact UPS directly to discuss the issue. You will need to be equipped with all of your shipping details as well as the contents of the package so that you can update UPS.

Once UPS has all this information, it will dig deeper into this issue to find out what exactly needs to be done and what information is missing. UPS should update you about what needs to be done so that you can provide the necessary information to customs.

This can be a time-consuming issue to resolve, but it is fairly straightforward as long as UPS can discover the issue. Just be prepared to have to wait several days more for your package to be released from customs, if not several weeks.

This can’t be very frustrating to deal with, especially if you do not understand what the problem is. But it is not something you can just ignore, as customs will not release the package until it gets the information that is required.

Will UPS Contact Me About Clearance Information That Is Needed?

If you have gotten a UPS clearance information required notification about customs, you should not wait for UPS to contact you. In most cases, UPS will not be the first to reach out to you about this issue as it isn’t its first priority.

UPS Clearance Information Required

It is your responsibility if you are the person sending the package to contact UPS directly yourself. Not only is this a bigger issue for you, but you are also more motivated to resolve it, so it makes sense that you’d be the person to make the first move.

Once you contact UPS, it will start to look into this issue and help you move forward. Just don’t wait around waiting for UPS to help you out, as you should contact them as soon as you’re able to.

The longer you wait to resolve this issue, the longer your package will be held by customs. This will not be good whether you are the person receiving the package or the person sending it, either way, it is very inconvenient.

What Does UPS Mean by Clearance Information Required?

If you get a notification from UPS saying clearance information is required, this means that there is an issue with your package and customs. All international packages need to be cleared in customs in order to get to their final destination.

If something has gone wrong in this process and your item cannot be cleared, you will get this notification. This means that some kind of information in relation to that package is either missing or has been done incorrectly.

This is an issue that you want to resolve as quickly as you can so that your package can continue its journey. It will not be released by customs until the information required is provided, as it cannot be cleared without all of this information.

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