Victoria’s Secret In-Store Pickup

Imagine shopping online and finding the perfect item. If you don’t want to wait for Victoria’s Secret to ship it, you might be able to order it and pick it up at your local store.

Sadly, this option isn’t available everywhere, so you should consider your options. Then, you can still get the items you want.

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Does Victoria’s Secret Offer In-Store Pickup?

Victoria’s Secret offers in-store pickup at some of its locations. The website’s Store Locator can tell you if your area stores offer the service. If not, you can shop and buy in the store, or you’ll have to wait for the items to ship to you.

Ordering your items for pickup can be convenient if you can’t shop in the store. You can stop by after work to pick up your order and not have to wait multiple days for shipping.

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Does Victoria’s Secret Have Curbside Pickup?

According to outside sources, Victoria’s Secret has curbside pickup. However, they probably only offer it at stores where the parking lot is right there.

So mall locations probably won’t offer curbside pickup. There are so many other stores in the area, and it can be hard for an associate to bring your order to you.

How to Do Victoria’s Secret In-Store Pickup

While you may have to go inside, you can do an in-store pickup of your Victoria’s Secret order. Consider the following steps to make the process easy for yourself and the employees.

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Check Your Location

Before you start shopping online, use the Store Locator to learn if your nearby store has in-store pickup. Many locations do, but some might not.

Enter your ZIP code and scroll through the list. If a store has the pickup option, it will tell you that, and you can select that as your store of choice.

Place Your Order

Next, go through the Victoria’s Secret website and shop for what you want. When you click on an item and the size, it should tell you if it’s in stock at your store.

If it is, you can add it to your cart and complete the order. Otherwise, you may want to check other stores in your area if you want to do in-store pickup.

When you’re ready to complete the order, go through checkout as normal. However, you’ll need to select the pickup in store option.

Head to the Store

Once your order is ready, you can head to the location you selected for pickup. Be sure to bring your photo ID and a copy of the email confirmation of your order.

If you can’t make it, you can designate another person to pick up the order when you checkout online. They’ll need their ID and the email if you have someone else get the items.

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Find an Associate

Look for a Victoria’s Secret associate, and tell them you have an order for pickup. They can go in the back and grab your items and bring them to you.

You won’t have to wait in the checkout line, so find someone on the floor. That way, you can make the pickup process go by more quickly.

How Fast Will an Order Be Ready?

Victoria’s Secret can prepare your order for pickup the day you place it. However, this is only the case if you place your order before 4pm.

If you miss that cutoff, you will need to wait until the next day to pick up your order. Still, that can be faster than waiting for the store to ship you the order.

How Long Will Victoria’s Secret Hold Your Order?

If you can’t pick up your order that day, you’ll have three days to pick it up. After that, Victoria’s Secret will cancel the order.

You can always place the order again. But you might want to place it a day or two before you’ll have time to get it. If you learn that you can’t get to the store on time, you can contact Customer Care to extend the hold time.

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Can You Change the Pickup Location?

You can’t change the pickup location for your Victoria’s Secret order. However, you can cancel the initial order and place it again for pickup at a different store.

Of course, you can also let the order hold period lapse so that the store cancels your order. But if you know ahead of time you need to pick it up elsewhere, it’s good to cancel it yourself.

How Does Victoria’s Secret In-Store Pickup Work?

Victoria’s Secret in-store pickup allows you to order stuff online, but not all stores have that option. If yours does, you can go to the location that day or the next day to retrieve your items. You’ll have three days to go to the store. Find an associate and show them your ID and email confirmation, and you can walk out with your new clothing or accessories.

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