Voided Bankcard Transaction Walmart

If you have noticed that your Walmart bankcard transaction has been voided, you may be wondering what this means. Why was it voided, and is this going to become an issue that you have to deal with?

These are all very common questions and understandable questions as well. Seeing transactions that have been voided can be confusing if you do not understand what this may mean.

Keep reading to find out what Walmart bankcard voided transactions are exactly and what they mean for you.

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Why Did Walmart Void My Bankcard?

Voided transactions are similar to refunds, but they are used when you have been mistakenly charged for something that you don’t want. This often happens at Walmart during the scanning process if the cashier makes a mistake and charges you.

If you see a voided transaction on your bankcard from Walmart, you were most likely accidentally charged for something. This can happen for several reasons including:

  • Accidently scanning an item twice
  • Scanning a mispriced item
  • Charging you for items, you don’t want to buy

These are all instances where your bankcard may be voided by Walmart. Many times you may not even know about this until you check your receipt and see the voided details.

This happens more than customers realize, as cashiers make mistakes when scanning items. This is not a problem, however, as they can easily void the purchase so that you are never charged for it.

If you are confused by this and still don’t understand why your receipt shows certain items being voided, you could always talk to someone at Walmart. You will need to bring the recipe and find a manager to help you find out what happened.

What Does Voided Transaction Mean at Walmart?

A voided transaction means the same thing at Walmart as it does anywhere else. Voided simply means that the transaction was basically canceled before it was able to go through.

Voided Bankcard Transaction Walmart

People often confuse this with a refund, but the two are very different things. A refund is when you get money back for something that you are returning to the store.

To have a transaction voided means that that purchase is being canceled before it has a chance to go through to your bankcard. This way, it won’t charge you or show up on your bank account.

Voiding a transaction basically stops the process before it has a chance to go through to your card. This is often done if you are mistakenly charged for something or decide that you don’t want to buy something.

You may see this voided transaction on your receipt, but it won’t show up on your bank statements. The receipt is proof that you were not charged for the item that was voided.

This usually happens if a cashier accidentally scans an item twice, charging your bankcard twice. Or if you change your mind about an item that they have already scanned.

Voiding something simply allows the cashier to stop the transaction before it is completed.

How Long Does a Walmart Voided Transaction Take to Clear?

Most of the time, if your Walmart transaction is voided, it will clear almost immediately if it is a small item that was voided. This would include voided items that are a part of a larger transaction that is still going through.

If the entire transaction were to be voided, it may take up to 24 hours for the entire amount to be voided and cleared. This would mean that you might see the money charged to your card, but it will later be voided in full.

If Walmart has to void a larger transaction for you, you can always ask how long it should take to be voided. This will typically take up to 24 hours, but it is often cleared before that timeline.

Why is My Walmart Bankcard Transaction Voided?

If your Walmart bankcard transaction has been voided, this just means the transaction was canceled. This stops it from going through so that you will not end up being charged for that transaction.

This is similar to a refund, except you’re not getting money back, you just aren’t being charged for a transaction that you don’t want. Having it voided simply stops [s it from going through so that you won’t be wrongly charged.

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