Walmart Unclaimed Property

If you have received a letter stating that you have unclaimed Walmart property, you may be wondering what this means.

Is it real, and can you trust it? Is this going to be financially lucrative for you to take advantage of?

These are all questions that we would ask ourselves if we were to receive a letter saying something about unclaimed property. But it can be hard to trust things like this with so many scammers around.

unclaimed property

Keep reading to find out what unclaimed property from Walmart means and whether or not it is legitimate.

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What is Walmart Unclaimed Property?

Recently many people have started receiving letters saying that they have unclaimed Walmart property that they can financially benefit from. This has been proven to be yet another scam tactic to trick you into giving personal information to the scammers.

This was confirmed after a woman received a letter that said she had unclaimed Walmart property dating back to 2016.

Some users have told us that they received an email from this email address: The email address looks legit and unfortunately we don’t know more details about this.

The letter was proven to be a scam and is just one of many instances of people receiving these kinds of letters.

Though they may seem harmless enough, the scammers apply a phone number for the recipient to call. Once they make that phone call, they are asked to give information such as:

  • Your address
  • Your name and email
  • Credit or debit card information

Once they have that, they can easily use your information to get access to personal information. As well as use your payment information to steal money from your cards and accounts.

This has been happening to other big businesses other than Walmart, and people are strongly urged to ignore these letters. They are a red flag, especially if you have no reason to have any kind of unclaimed property.

What Should You Do If You Get a Walmart Unclaimed Property Letter?

If you get an unclaimed property letter saying that it is coming from Walmart, the best thing to do is simply ignore it. This is most likely a scam and is not worth looking into or trying to call about.

Walmart Unclaimed Property

It is very unlikely that you would receive a letter like this unless you had something to do with Walmart in the past. Though this still leaves a lot of room for suspicion.

As a rule, things that sound too good to be true and usually are and can turn out to be a scam. These scams are designed to either be very urgent so that you act on them, or they promise you financial gain.

This is done to entice you into calling the phone number provided so that you can claim your property. Once you do this, you open the door for the scammer to try to get their hands on private information.

There are all kinds of ways that scammers can scam you, and just calling a scammers number can be risky. It is better to not have anything to do with them and to not engage at all.

Unless you have a very valid reason for believing that you might actually own some unclaimed Walmart property. It is best to not worry about the letter or give it a second thought.

How Do You Contact Walmart’s Unclaimed Property Department?

If you do want to look into this further, it is best to do so straight through Walmart itself. You should do this before you ever consider calling the phone number listed on the letter.

Walmart has a designated unclaimed property support team that you can contact with any questions that you might have. You can either call or email them at (888)499-6377 or email them at

These are much safer options than trying to directly contact someone from the information provided in the letter. Most likely, the Walmart support team will be able to verify if the letter is real or not.

Make sure that you never give personal information over the phone if you make these kinds of calls. Especially if this has something to do with a letter or email that you received.

Is Walmart Unclaimed Property Legit?

If you receive an unclaimed property letter from Walmart, it is most likely not a legitimate letter from Walmart. This is a common scam that has been going around to all kinds of people claiming that they have unclaimed property.

This is something that has been happening more recently under the guise of many large businesses. Though it has been shown to be just another way for scam artists to try to access your personal information.

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