What is The Best Meat at Chipotle?

Anyone who is looking into eating out at Chipotle may be wondering what meat is the best option to order. If you really want to walk away impressed, you probably want to order the best options available for your first try.

Chipotle has a very generous selection of different meats that you can add to your meals. These are all delicious and flavored with a variety of seasonings and sauces, making them even more appetizing and hard to choose between.

Keep reading to find out what the best meat option is at Chipotle.

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What is The Best Chipotle Meat?

The best meat at Chipotle comes in a tie between the steak and carnitas. Both these meat options are highly favored by customers and are the most commonly ordered across the scale. The only thing holding people back is the price.

What is The Best Meat at Chipotle

Both of these options are delicious and decadent. For a fast-food restaurant like Chipotle, these are the best options that you have available to you.

Many Chipotle customers admit that they would gladly always order either the carnitas or the steak if they were cheaper. These are two of the higher-end meat options, however, so they come at a greater price.

They are also richer options and are not the healthiest to eat on a regular basis, which probably makes the expense better for customers. Other leaner meats are cheaper and tend to also be commonly bought because of that.

Chicken is another very popular meat option but mostly just because it is the most neutral-tasting meat and the cheapest.

What Is The Most Popular Meat at Chipotle?

The most popular meat at Chipotle by far is the chicken. This is a safe option for many people as chicken has a pleasant texture and a neutral flavor that many recognize.

What Chipotle Meat Option is The Best

It goes well in just about any entree that you may want at Chipotle and is one of the most affordable options. Overall, it just suits more people’s tastes, which makes it the more popular option.

Chicken is also easy to disguise for those who are not a huge fan of meat. It does not have an overpowering flavor and will only complement whatever meal you are eating.

For those who are health conscious, chicken is also a healthier option as far as meat goes. It is lean and does not have the health risks that red meat has.

Chicken is lower in fat than many of Chipotle’s other meat options and is great for when you are trying to cut back on calories.

Is Chipotle Steak or Chicken Better?

The chicken and steak at Chipotle are a very close call when it comes to nutrition. They are both high in protein and fiber and are even marinated in the same sauce.

Chipotle keeps its steak fairly lean to combat too much fat while still being intact. Despite this, however, the chicken is still a healthier and leaner option overall.

It has a lighter flavor and a softer texture that blends in better with the rest of your food. While steak is very recognizable and can even be a bit chewy depending on how old it is and whether or not it was overcooked.

The chicken is the obvious cheaper option as well if you are trying to watch how much you spend. Steak is a popular option for certain entrees that Chipotle offers, while chicken tends to go well with everything on the menu.

The neutral flavor of chicken fights less with the flavors of other menu items.

What Chipotle Meat is The Most Tender?

The barbacoa is the most tender meat option that you are going to find at Chipotle. It is extremely tender and juicy and is packed with flavor because of this.

The barbacoa is a beef shoulder cut and tends to be stewed down in juices to produce such a moist type of meat. This imitates the texture of chicken while being a great deal juicier and less chewy.

Many have described the barbacoa as practically melting in your mouth.

The pollo asado is a close second and tends to be a bit more savory in flavor. It is also marinated in juices and creates a mouth-watering meat that blends perfectly with other foods on the Chipotle menu.

Is Chipotle Sofritas Any Good?

The sofritas at Chipotle are a meat alternative option at Chipotle that is still relatively new. The sofritas is a dish made from crumbled tofu in a tomato and pepper sauce full of seasonings.

This is a delicious meat alternative if you want a healthier option with just as much protein. The taste is very similar to how the beans at Chipotle taste, and the texture is soft yet chewy.

This is an option that both vegans and vegetarians can enjoy, though many others also like it as well. It does not try to imitate meat but has its own distinct taste and texture.

It is perfect for anyone looking for something new and is an even healthier option than meat as it is practically fat-free.

What Chipotle Meat Option is The Best?

The steak and carnitas are the two best meat options at Chipotle. They are the most desirable type of meat that many customers can’t get enough of.

These are two decadent cuts of meat that are full of flavor and are seasoned to perfection. They both pair well with other menu items and create a satisfying and filling meal.

The chicken at Chipotle is the most popular meat ordered as it is considered to be the safest option. It is neutral in flavor and goes well with everything on the menu.

Chicken tends to always be the most popular meat option and is hard to really mess up. It is also an affordable meat option, much cheaper than the steak or carnitas that others might order.

For a meat-free option, the sofritas are delicious and add their own flavor and texture to the dish. This is a great vegetarian option that still has plenty of protein and flavor to spare.

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