What is The Planet Fitness Treadmill Weight Limit?

If you want to use the treadmill at Planet Fitness, you may be wondering what the weight limit is. This is a common concern for those who are currently trying to lose weight and need to use the workout gear.

Because most workout equipment has a weight limit, this can be an important detail to know about. Especially if you are looking into joining Planet Fitness as a member with the goal of losing weight.

Keep reading to find out what the weight limit is on Planet Fitness Treadmills.

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What is The Treadmill Weight Limit at Planet Fitness?

The treadmill weight limit at Planet Fitness is 400 lbs, and they will not work correctly if you weigh that or any more. If you are above this weight limit, the machine will not function properly and will not be safe to walk on.

This is something that Planet Fitness members have complained about as it is relatively low considering it is a piece of workout gear. It is not necessarily rare for someone above 400 lbs to want to use the treadmill.

This number could also be even lower at some locations as it is generally safer to use the less you weigh.

Being one of the more gentle pieces of workout equipment for those who are overweight, this is a big downside. This makes Planet Fitness much less user-friendly for those who are overweight.

Without the ability to use the treadmill, this reduces the number of things you can do at Planet Fitness if you are over 400 lbs. Considering Planet fitness is a gym meant to help people lose weight, this can be very frustrating.

This makes Planet Fitness not an ideal option for anyone who is overweight and needs equipment that they can use.

What Kind of Treadmills Does Planet Fitness Use?

Planet Fitness uses Precor treadmills that are manufactured for general companies and customers. It is a high-quality brand of treadmill that offers all of the functions that you would expect in a treadmill.

You have a lot of variations that you can use with these treadmills to achieve the results you want. You can go very slow or very fast and adjust the speeds as you go.

You can also set a time for yourself, among many other handy features. All while giving you complete control over how you are working out.

Are The Treadmills at Planet Fitness Any Good?

What is The Planet Fitness Treadmill Weight Limit

The treadmills at Planet Fitness are easily one of the most popular types of equipment that is used at the gym. This is due to the fact that treadmills are easy to use and can help you easily get your heart rate up.

They are great at burning full body fat as your arms and legs are both moving as your heart rate goes up. This makes them great for weight loss or building up your endurance to exercise.

Overall, the treadmills at Planet Fitness are great pieces of equipment and give you plenty of options and variations. They are high quality and offer you a better treadmill than most people could afford.

Some people even have a basic Planet Fitness membership just so that they can take advantage of the treadmills. This allows you to use a treadmill weekly without having to make the financial commitment to buying one.

What is Planet Fitness’s Treadmill Weight Limit?

The weight limit on Planet Fitness treadmills is 400 lbs, if you weigh more than this, the machine will not work correctly. You may be able to use it at a very slow pace, but you really aren’t supposed to.

What is Planet Fitness’s Treadmill Weight Limit

This is a complaint amongst those who joined Planet Fitness in order to lose weight. The treadmill is a very popular piece of equipment for losing weight, and the fact that it has this weight limit is very frustrating for some people.

This makes Planet Fitness a less realistic option for those who are overweight and trying to lose weight. The treadmill provides a gentle and easy way of burning calories, making it the most ideal for weight loss.

Because of this, those who are overweight may need to look into other gym options. Without being able to use Planet Fitness treadmills, your options of workout equipment are much more limited.

Aside from this weight limit, the treadmills at Planet Fitness are of very good quality. They are made well and provide many variations to customize how you use the treadmill as part of your workout.

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