Why Did Walmart Stop Selling Maruchan Ramen?

Walmart is the largest retailer in the world and carries over 120,000 products. However, the company might not carry the popular instant-noodle brand known as Maruchan Ramen.

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Many customers are confused and frustrated about having difficulties locating their favorite instant-noodle brand. So, why did Walmart stop selling Maruchan products, and where can you find them?

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Does Walmart Sell Maruchan Ramen?

Unfortunately, your local Walmart might not carry Maruchan Ramen anymore. The exact reasons why Walmart no longer carries Maruchan Ramen remain unknown, but it might be due to contract and supply issues. However, the company does carry other instant noodle brands.

Unknown Reasons

The exact reasons why Walmart stopped carrying Maruchan Ramen are still somewhat unknown. In fact, some locations might still carry the instant noodle brand, and your mileage will vary. That being said, Walmart might not carry Maruchan products because of:

  • Contract issues
  • Supply shortages

Where Can I Find Maruchan Ramen in Stores

Contract Issues

According to some Walmart employees, the reason Walmart doesn’t carry Maruchan products might be due to contract issues. Some employees claim that their Walmart location slowly started to phase out Maruchan Ramen in place of other brands. However, this may or may not be true for every Walmart location, and your experience will vary.

Why Did Walmart Stop Selling Maruchan Ramen

Supply Shortages

Supply shortages are another reason why Walmart might not carry Maruchan products. Maruchan states on its official website that its products might be hard to find due to an increase in demand and supply shortages.

The company states they’re working closely with their grocery partners to resolve these issues. The product shortages are most likely due to the COVID-19 pandemic and recent supply chain issues.

Purchase Maruchan Ramen From Walmart Online

You might find a Walmart listing If you’re searching for Maruchan Ramen products online. Although Walmart might not carry Maruchan products at its physical locations, it might carry products from third-party sellers online.

You can find Maruchan products sold by third-party distributors using the Walmart Marketplace. Keep in mind that these products are not sold from Walmart, and your mileage will vary on shipping times and product quality.

Maruchan Ramen in Stores

You can still find Maruchan Ramen and products at physical locations despite the supply shortages. You can use the official Maruchan website to find stores near you by entering your city, state, and zip code. Here are some stores that might carry Maruchan products:

  • Circle K
  • Safeway
  • Albertsons
  • Bashas
  • Walgreens
  • Target
  • Asian grocery stores and supermarkets

Keep in mind that your mileage will vary depending on your location, and the stores listed above might not carry Maruchan products.

Instant Noodle Brands That Walmart Carries

Your local Walmart may or may not carry Maruchan Ramen products. However, the retailer does sell multiple instant-noodle brands at its in-store locations (not Maruchan Ramen). Here are some of the instant-noodle brands you might find at your local Walmart:

  • Nissin
  • Samyang
  • Ramen Express
  • Nong Shim
  • Sapporo Ichiban
  • Panda Signature Ramen

Walmart is still selling their own brand of Maruchan Ramen.

Walmart Panda Ramen Backlash

Some Walmart customers and instant-noodle enjoyers have complained about the company replacing Maruchan products with Panda Signature Ramen. The customers have stated Panda Signature Ramen tastes off-putting, smells bad, and has lousy packaging.

Other customers have complained about Walmart replacing the Japanese-American brand Maruchan with a flimsy Chinese product Panda Signature Ramen. In fact, the online Walmart reviews for Maruchan products rate 4.6 stars, while Panda products have a 1.4 rating.

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Although these reviews speak volumes about the quality, they’re still subjective, and your experience will vary. You may or may not enjoy the flavor of Panda Signature Ramen, and it could be worth a shot to try it out.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, your local Walmart might not carry Maruchan Ramen or be out of stock. Walmart might not carry Maruchan products due to contract issues or supply shortages. However, you can find Maruchan products at other grocery stores and from online distributors.

Walmart also carries other instant-noodle brands, including Nissin, Samyang, and Panda Signature Ramen, to name a few. You can use the Walmart Store Locator to find a location near you by entering your city, state, address, or zip code.

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