Why Is My Shein Tracking Not Updating?

If you have ordered a package from Shein, but the tracking information is not updating, you may be wondering what this means. Should you be worried if your tracking information isn’t updating? Does this mean your package has been delayed?

These are all common concerns as customers may experience tracking issues when ordering from this company. Because Shein packages are coming from China, this can’t cost some issues when it comes to transit and how quickly you get your package.

The good thing is that there are several reasons why this may be happening, many of them being very insignificant. Keep reading to find out why your Shein tracking information is not displaying updates.

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Why Is Shein Tracking Not Updating?

If you have ordered a package from Shein, but the tracking information is not updating, this is a very common issue. This usually occurs because the package is experiencing a delay or the tracking information is just experiencing a glitch.

This is not uncommon, as the shipping process from Sheen is quite long and can experience several different issues. It is also very likely that your package is on its way to you without any issues, but the tracking information is just presented to you late.

Shein recommends that customers not become concerned about a lack of tracking updates unless they have not seen an update for a week. Otherwise, everything is most likely moving as it should, you just aren’t seeing much progress on your end.

That being said, here are a few reasons why your Shein tracking information may not be updating like you think it should:

These are just some of the most common reasons why, you are not seeing updates with your tracking. Sometimes during transit different places are not scanning your package as it is leaving, which will make it seem as though it isn’t making much progress.

There is oftentimes a glitch in the system as well, which causes updates to be a few days late, so it seems like your package is taking longer than it is.

What Do I Do If Shein Tracking Isn’t Working?

Now that you know some of the reasons why your Shein package may not be showing the tracking information, you may want to know what to do. In many cases, there isn’t much that you can do, but you do have a few options.

Why Is My Shein Tracking Not Updating

If you have not seen any tracking updates for over a week, you could try a universal tracking service. You can do this by entering your tracking number to see if there are any updates about your package that Shein isn’t showing you.

If that doesn’t work, you could also try contacting USPS. Shein packages go through USPS, so this mail carrier should be able to help you figure out where your packages are and if it is experiencing any delays.

If nothing else that you try works, you could always contact Shein directly to ask about the progress of your package. You have the option of contacting Shein in several different ways, the fastest method being online chatting.

Shein will be able to locate your package and let you know if it has experienced any delays along the way. It also may be able to fix any glitches on it if your tracking information is simply not showing you the progress of your package.

If something has gone wrong with your package, Shein will be able to reimburse you if it does not believe that you will get the package. This way it will not be a complete loss if somehow your package has been damaged or lost in transit.

How Long Should It Take to Get a Shein Package?

If you have noticed the tracking information for your Shein package acting up, you may be concerned. But it is important to keep in mind that the shipping process for Shein can be a bit longer than other companies.

Why Is Shein Tracking Not Updating

This is because Shein is in China, and all of your packages will have to come from that place, going overseas to get to the US. This is a long journey, and it will take some time for your package to make its way to you successfully.

Though Shein says that standard shipping packages should arrive within 6 to 7 business days, this isn’t always going to be the case. Within its policy, it even states that it could take up to 48 days, depending on where the package is going.

Of course, it will be very rare for a package to take that long, but it just gives you some perspective. Shein packages also have to go through customs, so keep in mind that this could add several days to the shipping time.

Why Isn’t Shein Tracking Updating?

If your Shein package is not getting regular tracking updates, this could be due to a glitch within the site. It is not uncommon for sheen tracking to experience delays by a few days, making it look like your package is not moving very quickly.

Different facilities could also not be scanning your package, which would result in fewer tracking updates, making it seem like your package isn’t moving. That or your package has experienced a delay on its journey.

These are all things that can result in the tracking information not updating correctly. The good thing is that most of these issues are not a big deal, so you do not need to worry about your package getting to you successfully.

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