Why Isn’t My Uber Eats Driver Moving?

You’ve ordered from Uber Eats, a driver accepted and picked up your order, but hasn’t moved. It’s a frustrating situation as a customer, but there are a couple of ways to deal with it.

This article covers some possible reasons why your Uber Eats driver hasn’t moved, what you should do if they’re staying put, and how long you should wait before canceling your order.

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Reasons Why The Uber Eats Driver Is Not Moving

When your Uber Eats driver isn’t moving after they’ve picked up your order, it’s usually because they are busy with other orders or have gotten lost. It’s also possible that the map isn’t loading the correct location or the driver is waiting for directions to load.

There are a few logistics that sometimes get in the way of your delivery. For example, the Uber Eats map doesn’t always update or show accurate information. Further, the driver may be experiencing car problems or waiting for the map to show directions.

Of course, there’s also a chance that the driver just isn’t efficient.

What To Do When Uber Eats Driver Doesn’t Move

If you notice that your Uber Eats delivery driver isn’t moving after they’ve picked up your order, you should try to contact them. You can do this by text or phone call through the UberEats app.

If they don’t answer or deliver your food within the estimated arrival times, you should contact Uber Eats support. They may advise you to cancel your order with or without a refund.

You can also review the driver within the UberEats app if you feel the need to do so.

You Can Cancel The Order If The Delivery Driver Is Taking Too Long

You’re able to cancel your order at any point. However, if it’s past the Latest by Arrival Time and you can’t get ahold of the driver, you’re encouraged to contact Uber Eats customer support. They should be able to tell you what you should do next, whether that’s waiting for the driver or just canceling your order altogether.

You can cancel your order by going to your order status screen, and then selecting the “Cancel Order” option. A confirmation pop-up should appear with alerts of any charges that apply. Then you’ll choose “Cancel Order” again and then a reason for your cancellation.

Request A Refund If My Order Is Late

Uber Eats Driver

If your Uber Eats driver delivers your order later than the Latest by Arrival Time you may be able to get a refund or credit towards your next order. People have different experiences when it comes to receiving refunds from Uber Eats, so just be aware that it may or may not happen.

You can request a refund by selecting the “Help” button in your profile tab within the Uber Eats app. There should be prompts or further instructions for contacting customer support, where you’ll explain the situation and ask for a refund.

If your delivery wasn’t delivered on time because the driver attempted to contact you and couldn’t reach you, Uber Eats will not issue you a refund. The same applies if the delivery driver ended up waiting on you to receive your order at the time of delivery. Further, you’re probably not eligible for a refund if the delivery time was before the Latest by Arrival Time.

Uber Eats Driver Is Just Sitting There

If the map shows that your Uber Eats driver isn’t moving towards your house, it may be because they’re busy with other deliveries or have gotten lost. It’s also possible that their map isn’t loading directions or showing their correct location to you.

Why Isn't My Uber Eats Driver Moving

Sometimes an Uber Eats driver is late for reasons outside of their control, such as bad weather, busy traffic, or problems with their navigation.

In other cases, there are some drivers who don’t take their deliveries seriously and are not efficient or try to game the system. Most of the time the latter isn’t true, but it’s still a possibility the driver is at fault.

There are really only a couple of options you can choose when your Uber Eats driver isn’t moving. You can wait for your order and try to contact them or cancel it altogether. You may or may not be eligible for a refund in either case.

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