Why Was My Uber Eats Order Delivered Cold?

As convenient as Uber Eats can be for food deliveries, it doesn’t always go according to plan. Unfortunately, there are common instances of food being delivered cold, for different reasons.

This post covers the most common reasons your order was delivered cold, what you should do about your cold Uber Eats delivery, whether you’re eligible for a refund, and more.

Cold Uber Eats deliveries are usually due to long waiting times at the restaurant, the number of deliveries a driver has, and heavy traffic. An order can be delivered cold because of inclement weather or the time it takes for a driver to accept your order, as well.

It’s not always the driver’s fault for your order being delivered cold. There’s a lot that happens between your order being placed to when it’s delivered, most of which is out of a driver’s control.

Sometimes a restaurant has a long line and the driver has no other choice but to wait. In similar situations, the restaurant workers may not have packed the order properly or put it under a heat lamp to keep it warm. In other cases, a cold order could be related to traffic, accidents on the road, or bad weather that prevent a driver from getting to an address in a reasonable time.

Of course, it’s also possible that the driver was assigned other orders that extend their delivery times. And in some rare cases, you just end up with a poor delivery driver who doesn’t take your order seriously and slacks off.

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What Should I Do If My Uber Eats Order Is Cold?

You should first narrow down the possible reasons why it was cold in the first place so that you know how you should find an appropriate solution. Do this by checking your receipt for the timestamp when you placed your order. Then check the timestamp for when the driver picked it up from the restaurant and then of course the time of delivery.

If there was a significant time frame from your order being placed and accepted by the restaurant to when the driver picked it up, it’s likely the restaurant made the order too early. In this case, you should contact the restaurant directly to complain or request a resolution of some kind.

If the time from it being made and picked up makes sense, yet the delivery time was exceptionally long, it’s likely that the driver had additional deliveries. There’s also the possibility that they got stuck in traffic or couldn’t go as fast due to weather. In this case, you should contact Uber Eats directly using their food quality form, and go from there.

Just be sure to contact Uber Eats within 48 hours of placing your order to increase your chances of getting help and a resolution.

You can also easily rate your experience in the Uber Eats app with their in-app rating system. This also allows the merchant to receive direct feedback. Likewise, you can review or rate your delivery driver if you feel it’s appropriate to do so.

Can I Get Refunded If Uber Eats Brings My Food To Me And It’s Cold?

Unfortunately, it seems very unlikely that you’ll get a refund for your cold food delivery – even a partial one. In most cases, customers who receive cold food get credit from Uber Eats to apply to their next order. In reality, there are too many variables to consider, all of which are difficult to prove.

However, depending on the exact situation, you may be eligible for a partial or full refund. For example, if you don’t think that your food is safe to eat or is completely uneditable, this should be a valid reason for a refund. Certain foods require different handling and delivery instructions to ensure it stays safe enough to eat, and some restaurants even outline this in their delivery guidelines.

Just keep in mind that this is unlikely and most customers report that Uber Eats refused to refund them because their order was cold.

Are Uber Eats Drivers Required to Keep Food Warm During the Delivery?

Why Was My Uber Eats Order Delivered Cold

In short, this totally depends on the driver. Uber Eats doesn’t provide their drivers with insulated delivery bags or food warmers, so whether or not a driver has one is a personal choice – and one that they must pay for out of pocket. They are not required to use warming bags, and it’s not uncommon for a driver to not use one, especially on short distances.

How Do I Make Sure My Uber Eats Order is Delivered Warm Next Time?

Even though you can’t control all of the factors that determine how your food is delivered (and neither can the driver), there are some things to keep in mind the next time you want to order through Uber Eats.

To increase the chances of your food staying warm during delivery, order from a restaurant within several miles of your home. It’s also very helpful to try and order during slower traffic times and in good weather. You can also incentivize drivers to accept your order faster by adding a tip, which will reduce the time it takes for drivers to accept your order in the first place.

Uber Eats Cold Food Delivery

When an Uber Eats order is delivered cold, it’s usually because of a long wait at the restaurant or the driver had a longer delivery time than expected. Circumstances like heavy traffic, bad weather, and the time it takes for a driver to accept your order are also possible reasons.

Uber Eats Cold Food Delivery

In most cases, it’s out of the driver’s control and they have nothing to do with your order being cold. This is important to keep in mind, especially if you’re considering giving a driver a bad review.

There are some possible resolutions when you receive a cold order, though. If you want to request a refund or complain, it’s best to do so through Uber Eats directly. And while it’s very unlikely that you’ll get a refund for a cold delivery, you may be able to get credit from Uber Eats.

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