Anthropologie Return Policy

If you are a frequent buyer at Anthropologie, you may be wondering what kind of return policy it has for its customers. This is a good question as all stores are able to have their own kinds of return policies.

Does Anthropologie accept returns and give full refunds? Did Anthropologie’s return policy recently change, and if so, how has it changed for its customers?

These are all good questions to ask if you want to know more about the return policy at Anthropologie. This is a good thing to understand if you shop at any store and may eventually need to return something.

return policy

Keep reading to find out what Anthropologie’s return policy includes and how to go about making a return.

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What is Anthropologie’s Return Policy?

Returning items to Anthropologie is quite easy as it allows you to do this at any store location for in-store purchases. You will be able to get a full refund if you do this within 30 days of having made the purchase from the store.

Anthropologie just recently made some changes to its return policy, making it easier on its customers. This is good news for anyone who enjoys shopping frequently at Anthropologie, whether that be in person or online.

While Anthropologie used to accept returns within 60 days, it has now cut that in half to 30 days. This just makes the process simpler so that Anthropologie can keep accepting returns.

All items being returned to Anthropologie must be:

These things guarantee that your Anthropologie return will be accepted. If the item you bought was defective or damaged due to other circumstances that were out of your hands, these items still may be eligible for return.

Keep in mind that bridal gowns and bridal separates cannot be returned under any circumstances. Unless the item came to you damaged or defective from the store, and you don’t want to pay for it.

Does Anthropologie Accept Returns Without Receipt?

Most stores are very rigid with their rules when it comes to returns without receipts. Most stores won’t accept them as the receipt acts as the proof that you made that purchase and aren’t trying to scam the store.

Can I Exchange an Item at Anthropologie

The good thing about Anthropologie is that it will accept returns made without a receipt. This is allowed though you will not be getting an actual refund, rather you will have the option of exchanging the item.

You can make an exchange for any item in the store that is priced regularly and is of equal value. So if you are returning a $20 shirt, you can exchange this for a different shirt that is also $20.

Though you cannot make an exchange if that shirt is $20 because it is on sale. Any item that you choose to exchange your return with must be examined in order to be eligible.

This allows you to still return items if you lost the receipt or didn’t think that you needed to hang onto it. This isn’t as ideal as getting an actual refund, but you can still get something out of a return without a receipt.

Does Anthropologie Have a Different Return Policy for Online Orders?

Online purchases at Anthropologie mostly act the same way as in-store purchases. Though these must be mailed back to Anthropologie, not returned to the store.

Anthropologie Return Policy

This works vice versa as well as you cannot mail in a return for an item that you bought in the store. Returns must be made in the way that they were bought, whether that be online or in the store.

You will also have 30 days to return your purchases from the Anthropologie online website. Just keep in mind that certain items cannot be returned due to sanitary concerns.

You can easily request your return in the orders section of your account on Anthropologie. This makes returns easy as you don’t need proof that you ordered that item as it is all online.

Once the return has been approved, you will be given a label that you can print off and attach to your package. You will have a certain amount of time to mail the package and will get your refund once it arrives at the warehouse.

Can I Exchange an Item at Anthropologie?

You have the option of exchanging returned items at Anthropologie if you do not want a refund. This is an easy way of grabbing something else that you might have had your eye on.

Does Anthropologie Accept Returns Without Receipt

Though this only works if the item you want to exchange for the return is of the same value. Both items must be the same price, and it has to be the regular asking price.

You cannot exchange for items that have been marked down in price as this is not the original price. Some stores may also restrict certain exchanges depending on what the item is.

These are things to consider if you want to make a return to Anthropologie, as there are rules around exchanges. It may be easier to simply do a normal return to get a refund so that you can buy another Anthropologie item that you want.

Do I Have to Pay a Fee to Make an Anthropologie Return?

While you don’t have to pay any fee to make returns, there is a fee for online returns due to shipping. This is something that many stores do as they have to pay for the shipping label to get the return to the warehouse.

Because of this, you will not be getting any shipping fee refunds, and a fee of $5.95 will be deducted from your return. This is used to cover the cost of mailing the return back to Anthropologie.

You will find this kind of rule at most stores if they also sell things online. This is a downside, but it is understandable, considering Anthropologie is paying to have the package mailed back to it.

You also need to keep in mind that your shipping fee will be refunded. This means that you will suffer some loss by making an online return to Anthropologie.

The good thing is that no fees are applied for in-store returns as there is no shipping fee involved. All you have to do is bring your return to the store and get your refund if you have your receipt.

This makes the process very simple and allows you to get your full refund back.

What Kind of Return Policy Does Anthropologie Have?

Anthropologie has a very lenient return policy that you can expect to find at most stores. This includes having a 30-day return offer that allows you to make a return in-store or online within 30 days.

This used to be 60 days, so keep in mind that Anthropologie recently changed this section of its return policy. You will also be charged a small fee for shipping costs when making online returns.

This is unavoidable since you can only mail your online returns, just like you can only bring in-store returns to an Anthropologie store. These are just some of the limitations that you will want to know about when making a return.

All of the items also must be returned with the tags and in the original packaging. As well as being unworn, unwashed, and in new condition with no damage to the item.

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