Does DSW Price Match?

If you are planning on making a purchase at DSW, you may be wondering if this store does price matches with its competitors. This is a common question as this could help you to get the best possible price for the item that you want to buy.

That is the beauty of price matching, as you can get the lowest price available no matter what the original price was. Though not every store offers this, so you will want to look into its policies ahead of time to find out.

Keep reading to find out whether or not DSW does price matching.

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Does DSW Do Price Matching for Customers?

As of right now, DSW does not do any kind of price matching in its stores, as it doesn’t price match its competitors. This is one of many stores to continue to not do price matches, but to stick by its own pricing options.

This is unfortunate for DSW customers as price matching can be a great way to get a good deal when you are making purchases. Price matching allows you to find the lowest possible price and ask to have that price at a certain store.

So if one store was to sell shoes for $50 and another store sells the same shoes for $35, you could get the $35 price at a store that does price matches. This is because it will match the most competitive price out there for the same product.

Many people use this option to get the lowest price available from the store that they prefer to shop at. Maybe you don’t like to shop at a bunch of different stores, or you only trust a few to shop at.

Price matching can be the best way to get the best of both worlds. As it allows you to get the best prices and still be able to shop at the store of your choosing, as long as it does price matching.

This is why it is unfortunate that DSW doesn’t do price matches with its competitors. It has never offered this option and doesn’t seem likely to add it to its store policies anytime soon.

Does DSW Do Online Price Matches for Its Website?

Even though DSW does not do price matching for third-party stores or its competitors, it does occasionally price match for its online store. This is something that some DSw stores do if that same item is cheaper on the website.

Does DSW Price Match

This isn’t extremely common as DSW products are typically the same price, whether they are in the store or online. Each DSW store also has the right to do this or to not do this, depending on how they are run.

No DSW store is required to price match any items on the DSW online website, it’s up to that store to decide. Because of this, it is a good idea to ask if that DSW store will price match with the website.

Keep this in mind if there is an item that you want to price match. You can always call the store ahead of time to ask so that you don’t waste your time driving over there.

Does DSW Have Ways of Getting Discounts?

Since you can’t get price matches at DSW, you may be wondering how to still get a discount at DSW? Many people are always hunting for ways to save money at the places that they enjoy shopping at the most.

Unfortunately, DSW doesn’t have many special discounts that you might expect it to have. Though it does have some discounts to look for when you go shopping here, such as the:

  • Purple tag = 20% discount
  • Blue tag = 50% discount
  • Green tag = 70% discount

These are color codes that can help you to find the best deals in the store. These are available year-round depending on what is in stock and what that DSW store is currently trying to sell the most of.

DSW also has a rewards program that can help you to earn points the more you shop. You can get a $5 discount for orders placed on your birthday and free shipping when ordering online.

These are great discount options that can help you to still save some money when you go shopping at DSW.

Can I Get a Price Match at DSW?

If you are shopping at DSW, you won’t be able to get a price match at this store, unfortunately. This is not an option that DSW offers as it keeps its prices as they are and doesn’t try to compete with lower pieces out there.

Though some DSW stores do price match with the same products on the DSW online store. This isn’t extremely common, but some stores will be willing to do this for customers.

You will want to ask about this if you happen to find the same product on the online DSW store that is cheaper than it is in the DSW store.

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